Joyful Holidays

December 12th, 2013


Was it only a month ago that Miah had her piano recital?  I guess it’s been a busy month!  We are so proud of this girl.  She’s been playing piano for less than a year, and is just flying through the levels.  It is a pleasure to listen to her practice each morning, and now Ami is showing an interest as well.


Two recitals in two days!  We are thankful for an awesome teacher.  Next week they’ll be playing for some Retirement Centers.  Yesterday their small choir sang at a Retirement Home also.  I’m so glad they love music, and are willing to share it with others.


School has been fun, too.  Here Ami is writing with a homemade quill pen dipped in homemade berry ink, just like the Patriots once did!


Ami had her annual visit with the cleft team at Children’s Hospital.  The mountain passes were clear this trip, but you can see it was still a long drive!  Her surgeon continues to be happy with her progress, speech, etc.  She will need a surgery in the spring to patch her perforated eardrum, though.  Thankfully her left eardrum healed, and she is hearing well with that ear.


The girls look forward each week to art class and choir practice with some good friends.  The turkeys they worked on so diligently did not survive till Thanksgiving.


I see a couple very proud cousins!


Wish we could see you more often, Benson!


Somebody made another contribution to L*cks of Love!  And she is SO happy to be rid of all the tangles!


We had to go Christmas Tree hunting to find some snow.  Good thing Ami reminded Dad to throw in the sled!


This was before our single digit temperatures, but the campfire still felt good!


The Christmas Tree skirt is getting shorter…


And shorter!


We finally got some snow at our elevation.


It wasn’t much, but it still brings joy!


Speaking of joy, Ry’elle certainly brings joy to Miah and Ami when they see her each week.  I think they bring her joy, too.


It must be Christmas time!  Cooks in the kitchen!


Saying Hi to Lily the Camel.


And visiting our local village of Bethlehem.  We are enjoying the Season!


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  1. PAPA Says:

    What a busy month you all have had.
    Miss you but looking forward to seeing you soon. Love, Nana

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