Day trip to find where Miah, Ruby and Jade were found

Our Trip to find where Miah, Ruby, and Jade were found.

Twelve families were adopting in the province of Jiangxi. Our baby girls had been brought to us in the capital city, Nanchang. Many of us wanted to go and find where our daughters were found. We asked our guide if that would be possible. He kept telling us to find out how many wanted to go. Well, we started trying to see how many wanted to go, and many said they wanted to and then one by one they backed out. It ended up that myself and one other father , Matt Hintz wanted to go. There was a third father, but we didn’t know it at the time. We were willing to pay for a driver and an interpreter to take us to where our daughters had been found. It was a chance of a life time and one amazing trip. We got up and met our driver and interpreter in the lobby of our Hotel. We loaded up into a black, dark-tinted Volkswagen Jetta. We felt like celebrities. Dark windows, leather seats, sodas, and bottled water for us. We had been driving through the city of Nanchang for about 20 min when the cell phone of the driver rang. He answered it and then it was handed to me. Our Guide for our time in Jiangxi was on the other end. She said, “Can you turn around and come back to the hotel to pick up Jeff Rouse?” Matt and I said, “Sure.” So we headed back, and picked up Jeff. It was great to have him along. What a chance to get to go and try to find where your daughter was found.
We drove out of the city and into the countryside. All along the road were rice fields, and we also saw many brick factories. Lots and lots of construction along the way. We saw many farmers out working their fields. We drove for about 1 1/2 or 2 hr. Along the way we had decided that we would start with the closest finding place and work our way to the farthest. So the order was decided. First Davis, then Hintz, then Rouse. So after driving for 1 1/2 hr we stopped and asked directions. Each of us had some info on our daughters’ finding places. We had info that Miah was found at a “Hospital” -more like a third world clinic. And we had the name of the hospital and the woman that found her. After asking 3 times where this “Hospital” was, we came into a village, and there on the left side of the red dirt, pothole-filled road was the Hospital. It is a three story white tile building. (Photo # 1 Below).
Three white men with cameras and video cameras hurriedly jumped out of our Jetta and started rolling tape and taking stills.. My heart started pounding and the breath was taken out of my lungs. I was here at the place where Miah came into this world. A world that has been a roller coaster for her. Getting out of the car I started taking photos, then asked the interpreter if she could ask and see if the lady that found Miah was there. I had taken photos and all the info that we had on Miah with me. We had a photo that we received of Miah that was taken shortly after her birth, and a copy of her finding add. Our interpreter started walking into the hospital. I jumped at the opportunity. I had thought I would only be allowed to take a picture of the outside of the Hospital. Going into the Hospital brought back memories of growing up overseas, spending time in Central America as a kid, and traveling all over the world. The hospital was very very primitive. Somewhat nice on the outside, but very dirty. It looked like the floor had never been swept, and everything was old and run down. In the “lobby” was a child in a basket getting an IV that was on a wood pole. After asking and looking, we were able to find the lady who had “found” Miah. She was willing to talk, and she showed us the bed where Miah was left. (Photo#2 below) My heart sank, and I couldn’t breath. Tears welled up in my eyes, my heart kept beating faster. Emotions that I had never experienced came over me. A sense of awe as to how hard it must have been, and yes, Miah is a survivor. God has a plan! After taking pictures and talking a little, I was shown the birthing room. We hadn’t know that she was born there in the hospital. The lady said, “This is where she was born. Born and then left on the bed.” We showed the lady that found Miah photos, and she smiled and said “I remember her.” I asked if she was there for the delivery, and all she would do is smile, afraid of having to say if she knew who the mother was. Many questions were asked, some were answered, and many were not.
After taking photos, we got in the car and headed off to find where Matt and Almeda’s girl (Jade) was found. The car ride was a bit quiet. I was asked a couple of times from the guys, “Are you okay?” I responded, “Yes.” Trying not to lose composure over what we had just experienced. I think each of us was processing what we had just seen and been through. We headed to the city of Yugan. Yugan is a growing city. It was strange driving on big roads with little traffic. Yugan seems to be in the transition form older town to new City. Lots of bicycles and few cars. It seemed like a nice city. Jade was found in front of a store. We drove to this city where she was found. After stopping and asking 4 times, we found the store (Photo #3 Below.) Getting out of the car, I felt my heart start to beat hard and my breath disappear. Another place where a survivor was left for someone to find. Your heart sinks. Jade was left one morning, early, and someone found her and called the authorities. Many children that are abandoned in China get taken to the Police and then to the Orphanages. These finding places are where the stories of our Girls begin for us. Special places. Some may say its just a store front or a door step or a bed. For us its where the known story begins. Many things run through your mind. Things that only adopted parents, I think, understand. Questions about why, and emotions that are indescribable.
After taking many photos and looking around, we loaded up into the Jetta, and off we went to find where Jeff and Diana’s girl (Ruby) was found. Driving for quite a bit, we stopped along the way asking directions. Sometimes sitting in the car, waiting for someone to go by, so that we could ask directions. Finally we were directed down a dirt road and the road came to a Y. This dirt road wasn’t a place for a Jetta. Neither were some of the roads to come. (Thankfully, it didn’t rain until the following day, otherwise we probably couldn’t have driven these roads.) Again, we sat hoping someone would come by. Our driver finally decided to take the dirt road to the left. We passed a truck and asked them directions. They said we were on the right road. We came into a small Village. I would guess there where 500 or so people that lived there. We drove through the village, looking for a house # that was on the Finding add Rouses had. We drove clear through the Village and then asked for more directions. Rice fields were all around. It was so nice to be out in the countryside. We asked many people. I was starting to wonder, will anyone tell us, or do they not want to say? I was praying that we would locate where Ruby was found. Our driver was very persistent and continued to ask. I continued to send up silent prayers. I felt, how could we come so close and not find anything? Rouses also had the name of the lady who had found Ruby. After asking around and waiting in the car, the house and lady were found. We made our way down a small alley and walked through a kitchen and into a small family courtyard. We talked and took photos. After talking a while we where invited in for Tea. We accepted and went inside, sat on benches that where like saw horses. There were some interesting pictures on the walls. (Photo #4) We would like to know what the Chinese words say. I was looking for a place where I could dispose of the Tea. There were some floating things in the semi clear water in the dirty cup. Much to my dismay, I couldn’t find a way to dispose of the liquid in the cup. We had a good talk with the family that found Ruby. Jeff asked many questions, and I know, like me, he left with many more. There were moments of talking, with moments of silence on our way back to Nanchang, as our hearts and minds replayed and replayed the day’s events. We each know that we have special girls. Two country girls, and one city gal. God has blessed us.


1. Miah’s Finding Place.


2. “bed”


3. Jade’s Finding Place.


4. Ruby’s finding place.

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We have finally made it home.

Well after 28hr in airplanes and air ports we are finally home. The hardes part of the trip for Miah was the ride in the car seat home. She had only been in a stroller or in our arms when in china. The car seat is a new thing for her. We are so happy that she is a good traveler! She slept 7 hr on our flight form Japan to Seattle. What a great trip! Now for some sleep! We hope that our body’s time clocks get straitend out fast. Falling asleep just sitting her typeing. Good Night!


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