The Birthday Continues

October 25th, 2010


Ami got more practice blowing out her candles, with the extended family celebration and then in Sabbath School.  So her birthday seemed to last three days.


She wasn’t the only one with a birthday last week.


When Papa asked Miah how old Auntie Tisha was, we were all eager to hear her response.  I guess it only makes sense that she would reply, “Two,” since she and Ami share the same birthdate.


Ami also got more “practice” eating cake, and opening gifts . . .


Someone at church, upon meeting Ami, said something along the lines of she looks just like her sister at that age. So here ↓ is a flashback of Miah at that age.  Hmm . . . I don’t see the resemblance, do you?  Other than sharing the same ethnic heritage and the same forever family, these two girls are about as different as they come.


But despite their differences, they love each other dearly.  Miah is very protective of her little sister.


And Ami adores her big sister (follows her, imitates her, misses her when they’re apart.)


The girls also really enjoy having Papa and Nana visit.  Thanks for the good weekend!



September 30th, 2010


Can you guess Ami’s most recent (intelligible) word?  “Why?” I guess that’s one disadvantage to having an older sibling.  I don’t know if I’m ready for hearing this from both of them!  At least the first word she learned from us was “please“.  And, of course, her most frequently used word is “no“.  This little girl is becoming quite the talker, and seems to be putting sentences together.  Alas, we just can’t understand them.


Miah continues to amuse us with her use of the English language.  After talking with Mommy about needing new batteries for her toy kitten ↓, she walks into the other room and tearfully blurts out, “Dad, my kitty died!”


Another time I’m in the kitchen cleaning up while the girls finish their lunch at the table.  Ami is trying to watch me.  I overhear Miah saying, “Turn around, Ami, Mommy doesn’t want to look at your dirty face.”  Girls, I’m happy to look at your dirty faces anytime.  That doesn’t mean I won’t wash them, but I certainly don’t mind looking at them!


Babies & Birthdays

April 30th, 2010


Miah loves her little cousin, and enjoyed holding her.  But Mommy holding her is another thing entirely.  After my turn holding Natalie, Miah quietly told me, “Mommy’s arms are only for holding Miah.”  To clarify, I asked her, “So you don’t want me to hold baby Natalie?”  ”No, only Miah . . . and my baby sister.”  I thought that was very sweet, and I hope she continues to feel that way once Ami is home!


Happy (really) belated Birthday, Warren!  I’m glad you enjoyed your quiet family birthday (Daddy turned 40!)


Miah thought celebrating birthdays two days in a row was pretty fun (Seleah turned four).


But she wasn’t sure about inviting dogs (Sulivan was hoping for handouts).



January 26th, 2010


Talk about a sympathetic heart!  Or maybe just a silly girl.  We have Southern Yellow Pine floors.  They’re full of knots and marks that give them character.  If we happen to drop something heavy or sharp, it adds to the character.  Miah takes notice of these “owies” and remembers the details.  Yesterday she was finding some of these owies on the floor and putting “bandaids” (stickers, actually) over them “to help them get better.”


We were excited to have snowfall again a couple nights ago after too long without.  It has since melted quite a bit, but not before we sculpted a few sentries along the driveway.


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“Child Lock”

January 15th, 2010


So does “Child lock” mean that it keeps the child out?  Or, more likely, does it mean the child locks the parents out?  I didn’t even realize that our microwave had this feature until I couldn’t start it.  No matter what button I pushed, including “clear/off”, it just blinked “LOCKED” back at me.  Thankfully, I found written directions inside the door as to how to unlock the child lock, (which also explained how Miah had locked it to begin with).


Miah likes to keep busy.  Books, puzzles, drawing & writing, ‘cooking’, ‘sewing’, and games keep her (and me) occupied during these cold winter months.  And we can’t forget hopping. Miah jumps all over the house.  She says she’s a bunny.


Pictured are a few of her Christmas presents being put to good use.


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