Do Birdies Wear Nammies?

January 30th, 2009


A conversation with Miah from a few weeks ago when we had so much snow, and there were lots of birds at our feeders on the porch:

Miah:                                               Merrie:

Daaark…                         Yes, it’s getting dark out.

Birdies night night.                         Yep, the birdies are going night night.

Birdy’s nammies on!                         Do birdies wear jammies (pajamas)?

No, too big!  (giggle)  Miah wears nammies!                    Yes, Miah wears jammies.

Horsey’s nammies on?                           Do horses wear jammies?

No, too little!  Miah wears nammies!                          You silly girl.

Miah definitely likes to be silly.  And, I’ve noticed, she no longer says “nammies,” she now says jammies or pajamas.  Little by little she’s growing up.



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Xin Nian Kuai Le

January 25th, 2009


Happy Chinese New Year!  We celebrated tonight by having family over for Chinese food.   


Making dumplings is a family affair.


Miah is quite the helper!


Here’s some of the food:  spring rolls, dumplings, stir fry… Miah took to the chop sticks like a pro… Tish and Miah reading while waiting for the food… At the dinner table.



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“Christmas Tree All Gone?”

January 22nd, 2009


“Christmas tree away?”  sad commentary from Miah stated quite frequently since its removal on January 4th.  ”Get more Christmas tree,” is stated soon after, followed by the heart of the issue, “More presents.”  Well, Miah got to have a second Christmas, even without the tree, when Papa and Nana visited last weekend.  Thank you for the beautiful sweater and hat, Nana!


It was nice to snuggle with you, too.


Papa, I’ve really enjoyed my scooter, Thank you so much!


I can’t wait till it’s warm enough to take it outside!


Nana, Mommy’s slippers will make great shin pads for hockey!  


They felted beautifully, by the way, and Mommy will no longer let me use them for shin pads.



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Happy Birthday, Nana!

January 16th, 2009


Miah was so happy to help Nana Davis celebrate her birthday tonight.  Thank you for making the long drive to be here this weekend!


“Happy Birthday” is one of Miah’s favorite songs.  She’s been practicing it since Grandma Barber’s birthday in December.  You never know whose name she’s going to insert into the third line.


I thought the present was for Nana and Papa to unwrap!  (She’s been waiting to give this to them since she helped wrap it before Christmas.)


“Look, baby Miah!”  (It’s a photo book.  She loves showing off her picures.)


Meeting Mr. Hedgehog.  He was shy and didn’t unroll tonight.

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“Snow, come back!”

January 12th, 2009


After last week’s warm temperatures and strong winds, our snow is gone.  Miah is quite sad about it.  She looks outside lamenting, “Snow gone.”  ”Snow come back!”  ”Pull sled – snow.”  ”Snow come home!”  When we had a couple days of 47 degree temperatures and sunshine, I really didn’t miss the snow; it was a nice break for January.  But with two days of fog socking us in we might as well have snow to go with it!

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