Spring Fever

March 30th, 2009


Miah has been asking to wear this dress for months.  Last summer it was too big, and I left it hanging in her closet throughout the cold months, just tempting her.  It’s pink, it has flowers, it’s sleeveless, what more could a girl ask for?!  So last week she got to wear it to church.  Happy girl!!  It wasn’t easy to get her out of it when we got home.


Anytime I mention “spring,” Miah pipes up about wearing short sleeves.  Getting her to wear coats and sweaters is no small task – no matter what the temperature!  So since I can’t keep a sweater on her, I usually make her wear a long sleeve shirt to keep her from getting too chilly.  Somewhere along the line she got the idea that spring means it’s warm and she can wear short sleeves now.  I hope we get to that point soon, but right now we’re still encountering 30 degrees at night, and plenty of cold wind.  So this dress from Nana was a better choice for church this week.


I have to tell you that these beautiful hand-knit dresses, sweaters, purses, etc. get lots of compliments, Nana!


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Shells, Slides, and Signs of Spring

March 27th, 2009


Miah has become fascinated with shells. . . which is great with me because we happen to have a few.  She’s been so excited the past couple days helping me open up boxes of shells (from our years in Guam) and setting up our shell cabinet display.  (Yeah, it’s about time, we’ve been in our house four years now!)


There she goes, making the ducks fly!


Down the slide!


Again!  And again, and again, but on her own after this.


Helping Daddy.



Today was beautiful, and we were able to get some more yard clean-up done.  Miah is so happy to spend time outdoors without the cold wind.  Me too; when warm weather hits, cooking and housework go on vacation!

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Sleeping Beauty

March 20th, 2009


I’ve been totally negligent of taking photos lately, so I had to sneak in and catch Miah sleeping.  I relish these quiet times when she naps so I can catch up on reading, etc.  But I also enjoy the constant chatter of her awake time.  Miah likes to repeat any new words she hears us say, and “chatterbox” has become one of her new words!

Remembering My Dad

March 17th, 2009


Three years ago, today, my Dad passed away … on St. Patrick’s Day, complete with a rainbow!  He was 83 and had lived a full life.  Dad was born in 1922, the youngest of 6 surviving children.


  He served in the Army during WWII in Belgium and Germany.  Upon his return to the U.S., he met and married Mom.  This was taken the day they wed.


Dad was a hard worker and an avid reader.  He instilled in his five children strong values, a love of learning, exploring, and travel.


He and Mom enjoyed 59 years of marriage.  I’m glad he was here to walk me down the aisle, but I wish he could have met Miah.


This was Dad’s 80th Birthday before his health declined.


Although our two year wait for Miah was painfully long, I can see how God’s timing was perfect.  It was during our wait that I was able to spend time with both Dad and Mom during his final days.  This would have been much more difficult with a baby.  I was also able to travel with my mom and sister a few months later to take Dad’s ashes to the family plot in Kansas.  So today I remember my Dad and the good life he provided for our family.  Claiming God’s promises, I look forward to the day that we will one day meet again.

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Chop Chop

March 12th, 2009


A week or so ago Miah got another haircut.  It was long overdue, and Daddy does such a great job.


I don’t really have any good shots of it (or her), but you can see it’s a little shorter than the last time – and much easier to care for.  The next day Warren got his hair cut, so Miah must have thought it was a family thing.  She started telling me I needed to get mine cut, too!  Yesterday I complied.  She was quite fascinated, and sat very still watching, unlike when she’s the one under the scissors!

 Miah loves to help put the dishes away.  (This was before my hair got chopped.)


Mom’s church had a small Talent Show last Saturday night, so we let Miah share her singing talent.  She sings so well at home, and even in front of extended family, but we weren’t sure how she’d respond in front of an audience of strangers.  I thought she did very well for a shy two year old.  She only sang a few of the words, but she didn’t cling to me or cry, so we considered it a success.  And of course she clapped along with the audience when she was done!


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