We met in 1991 on the island of Guam where Merrie was teaching 4th grade, and Warren was a student missionary. We dated two years while enjoying the tropical lifestyle and cultural diversity of the Island. Warren was promoted to head of maintenance for the Mission, then the school, and we were married in Washington State (near family) in 1993. We set up our home in Guam for four more years, continuing employment at Guam Adventist Academy, and scuba diving multiple times a week. We were able to travel in the Islands, to Indonesia, Australia, Korea, and Japan, during those years.We moved to Tillamook, OR, in 1997. It was nice to be closer to family in the Northwest. We didn’t miss the typhoons, earthquakes, and big cockroaches of Guam, but we did miss the warm island life and our many friends.In 2000 we moved to Merrie’s hometown of Wenatchee, WA. Warren continued in construction and maintenance and built our home in 2004. He is currently doing property development, and Merrie is still teaching.In addition to travel, we enjoy many outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, snow skiing, and kayaking. Warren also enjoys fly fishing, wood working, and photography, while Merrie likes to read, cook, sew, and garden.We enjoy spending time with our extended families and are joyously awaiting the total life change our little girl from China will bring.