Four Years Old!!!!

October 21st, 2012

Ami, how is it that you are four already?!  What a big girl you are becoming!  Not in stature so much, but in every other way!  It doesn’t seem so long ago that your turned two …

And then three …

And now you are four.  You’ve waited for this birthday for so long, trying so hard to catch up with your jie jie.

But we like you just the way you are:  full of spunk, meeting the world head-on, and leaving a smile on the face of everyone you encounter.

We love you, Ami!  Happy Birthday!

One Year Ago . . .

February 21st, 2012

One year ago, we were recovering from Ami’s palate surgery.  Wow, are things different now!!

We’ve almost forgotten how hard Ami used to be to understand.  Her speech has improved dramatically, and she continues to make progress.

Of course some things never change.  She still frequently sleeps like a little “stinkbug”.  We assume this comes from her time in the orphanage virtually sleeping on a board for a mattress.  (This is just the way things are there, though maybe not as comfortable, they say it is cleaner and cooler.  In fact, the mattresses in our hotels were literally as hard as boards.)

The girls are great ages now for enjoying fun projects.  We had fun making valentine cards this year.

It’s great having an excuse to make cookies.

Especially the cut-out kind, with sprinkles, or jam inside!

But these ↓ are my favorite Valentines!

They are also becoming quite the vocalists!  A week ago they gave special music at our church, next week they will be singing at Mom’s church, and this past Saturday night they sang Frosty the Snowman for a talent show.

I may be partial, but I think they got more applause than the other numbers.

Our weekend was extra special with cousin Natalie and family visiting.  Thanks for coming up!

Gotcha Ami Day!

July 26th, 2011

One year ago today was Gotcha Day for Ami!  It’s hard to believe a year has already gone by since we traveled to China to make our family complete.

Although Ami initially only showed us her somber side,

We knew her true personality would soon emerge.  And it didn’t take long!

Ami has definitely added energy to our family.

We wouldn’t want it any other way.  We love you, and thank God for you every day!

Spring Cleaning, etc.

April 2nd, 2010


What a blustery day we had today!  But the snow is mostly gone now. Miah started rolling a snowman before getting side-tracked.


Less than a week ago she was helping prep the garden and planting peas!


This picture looks familiar . . . oh, here’s last year’s version.↓


I couldn’t imagine a better helper.  Miah loves to clean, or do whatever it is that we’re doing.  She spends more time helping me than she does playing.

Whether it’s dusting,


washing windows,


or scrubbing out the slider wells, she’s happy to assist.


Will it last?  Will she teach her little sister how to enjoy helping?  Or will she abandon me to the mundane while the two of them run off to play together?  I’d be happy with that outcome, too.  Speaking of Miah’s mei mei, here’s another photo.

Passport Photo

A Wonderful Surprise!

March 26th, 2010


We got an unexpected call on Monday, and a special F*edEx delivery on Wednesday!  WE GOT RA! (or LOA or LOC or whatever you want to call it)!  But it means we got our official acceptance to adopt Miah’s little sister from China!  Which means we can now post her photo and tell you all about her.  God has really humbled me this week.  It has been 5 weeks since we sent in our electronic acceptance (EA/LOI).  The timeframes we were given of when to expect RA were 4-6 months for an unreviewed Dossier (which is what we thought we were until about two weeks ago when I found out our Dossier had already been reviewed!), and 2-4 months for a reviewed Dossier.  We got it in 5 weeks!!  Needless to say, it has been a busy week of late nights and filling out government forms, etc.  We hope to travel back to China in June or July.


The whole process started long ago.  ↓Miah and Daddy sending off the first of our paperwork about a year and  a half ago.


Baby Davis is currently 17 months old and has an un-repaired cleft lip and palate.  She will probably have her first surgery soon after we return home.  Miah is very excited to be a big sister, and we know she will be a great one.  Please keep our little one in your prayers as she waits for us, her Forever Family, to bring her home.