Growing Up…

September 8th, 2010


Miss Miah was asked to model again last week along with some of her friends.  Of course she did a super job, and showed how cute these clothes are!


I know many of you saw these on facebook, but here they are again in case you didn’t.  Our friend, Jackie Stonas, is the photographer and owner of  She also has a local store.


We are so blessed to have been given a beautiful daughter.  I’m not speaking of the outside, though that may be the case, but Miah is beautiful on the inside.  She has a sweet and tender spirit that, by God’s grace, will continue to develop.


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Another Modeling Day

April 30th, 2009


Miah and I got a phone call while at the library Tuesday.  Jackie got a shipment of Ally Girl pettiskirts in some new colors and needed a model.


So I have to give Jackie the credit for these pictures.


But I’ll give God the credit for the cute little girl!


Miah was happy to model pink outfits…


and to bring one home.


I was happy, too, because although I love the clothing at, our limited budget doesn’t allow for much clothes shopping other than sales!


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Model Miah

February 12th, 2009


A friend of ours has an online children’s clothing store and asked if Miah would like to model.  We tried it a year ago, and Miah wasn’t interested, but last week she cooperated well.  If you like to shop for your little one, or for gifts, check out Jacqueline’s website at  


These photos were taken by Jackie, modeling her line, “Ally Girl”.  So to see Miah’s photos on the website, find the Ally Girl link.  You can also see several of Miah’s little friends as you browse.


We think she’s a pretty cute little model!



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