A Wonderful Surprise!

March 26th, 2010


We got an unexpected call on Monday, and a special F*edEx delivery on Wednesday!  WE GOT RA! (or LOA or LOC or whatever you want to call it)!  But it means we got our official acceptance to adopt Miah’s little sister from China!  Which means we can now post her photo and tell you all about her.  God has really humbled me this week.  It has been 5 weeks since we sent in our electronic acceptance (EA/LOI).  The timeframes we were given of when to expect RA were 4-6 months for an unreviewed Dossier (which is what we thought we were until about two weeks ago when I found out our Dossier had already been reviewed!), and 2-4 months for a reviewed Dossier.  We got it in 5 weeks!!  Needless to say, it has been a busy week of late nights and filling out government forms, etc.  We hope to travel back to China in June or July.


The whole process started long ago.  ↓Miah and Daddy sending off the first of our paperwork about a year and  a half ago.


Baby Davis is currently 17 months old and has an un-repaired cleft lip and palate.  She will probably have her first surgery soon after we return home.  Miah is very excited to be a big sister, and we know she will be a great one.  Please keep our little one in your prayers as she waits for us, her Forever Family, to bring her home.


Being Creative

March 17th, 2010


I have such a talented Mom.  Isn’t this quilt beautiful?  (I think the “model” is pretty cute, too!)  Mom completed the top, “Starburst” pattern, as a gift for us quite a while back, but had never quilted it, so I got to do that last fall.  Here’s a close-up of the back that shows the quilting design.  It’s fun, but I still need lots of practice to be really comfortable at it, since I do it freehand.


Here’s another beautiful quilt, “Jewel Box” pattern, that Mom finished the top to, but needed it quilted.  So I did it for her a couple weeks ago.  It went a lot faster than the previous quilt.  (My little model was bored.)


Here is the back.  It’s easier to see the quilting design on the solid squares.


I had to look back several years to find a photo of Mom with one of her quilts.  She doesn’t claim to be creative, but I think pictures speak louder than words.


Here is Mom’s quilting frame (I guess I didn’t take a picture of the long-arm machine.)  It makes my job do-able.  I don’t think I’d enjoy hand-tying or hand-quilting or even quilting on a regular machine.  Isn’t this baby quilt adorable?  It was made by a good friend of my mom’s.  She has two more waiting for me to quilt now that I’ve finished this one.


When I’m quilting, Miah likes her one-to-one time with Grandma.  Their time is usually spent outdoors with the animals or doing chores.  While I was working on this quilt, Miah got to feed grass to the neighbors’ goats through the fence, and to see a brand-new baby goat with its momma.  I’m so glad we live near my mom!


March 12th, 2010

pink umbrella2

We don’t get a lot of rain in these parts, but when we do, Miah is eager to go outside.  Why?  So she can utilize her umbrella!  Unfortunately, today was a bit too windy to venture out in the rain with an umbrella.  She’d have been blown away!  (The pictures are from last week.)

pink umbrella

You want some cheap entertainment?  Collect snowballs and store them in your freezer (these were from our trip over the pass a couple weeks ago), then take them out on a nice (but not too warm) day and play catch, or soccer, or bowl with them on the driveway.  It’s so much more fun than with a ball.  Miah had a grand time.


How do you get rid of hiccups?  Drink water upside down!  It works!


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March 5th is a Good Day

March 5th, 2010


Today is Miah’s referral anniversary.  Three years ago we saw this precious little face above for the first time.  And today it’s just as precious, but a little bigger!

E hat 3

We’re enjoying unseasonably nice weather, and neglecting indoor chores.  Which is okay since there’s also plenty of outdoor chores!

E hat 2

Miah is either pulling weeds or looking at deer tracks.  She’s decided her new Easter hat from Auntie Tisha makes a good “work hat”.  In her words:  ”Mommy has work gloves, I have a work hat!  It keeps my head from getting sweaty.”

E hat

It’s hard to believe Miah’s been home with us nearly three years already.  And our lives revolving around her just get more and more fun.  So March 5th, 2007, was a good day.  In a way, it was the beginning of parenthood for us.  And March 5th, 2010 is a good day, too.  We got our PA today!  Once we get RA we’ll tell you lots more!

E hat 1

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