Thank you, Mommy.

November 22nd, 2008

Miah fell asleep on our walk today, so she had a cozy nap in the stroller.

As Miah’s vocabulary increases and her words become more intelligible, I find myself laughing more and more at the cute things she comes up with.  She’s actually quite polite, with plenty of pleases and thank yous.  She’s also very observant.  If she sees me get out a certain bowl, she gets in the drawer and pulls out the lid to match saying, “Thank you, Mommy.”  Or if I’m headed into a dark room, she runs ahead and turns on the light switch, with a “Thank you, Mommy.”  As we empty the dishwasher, she’ll hand me an item to put in the cupboard, and before I can utter, “Thank you, Miah,” she’s already saying, “Thank you, Mommy.”  Yesterday (without my knowledge) she plugged my cell phone in to recharge, then she came up to me repeating, “Thank you, Mommy, . . . Thank you, Mommy,” and pointing at her accomplishment until I realized what she was referring to and properly thanked her.  As Thanksgiving approaches, I’d just like to say, Thank you, Miah, for all the smiles you add to my day.

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Pretty in Pink

November 19th, 2008

Miah likes to choose her own clothes to wear.  Sometimes I let her, and sometimes I’ll choose two outfits that she can then decide between.  Anyone want to venture a guess as to what is her favorite color?  You can probably also guess her favorite shirt, as I’ve seen it in many posts on this site!

It was past time for another haircut.  We’d planned on cutting it short, but it ended up only being 2 1/2 inches shorter.  Daddy did a good job.  It’s not easy keeping this girl still.

“Mommy, my hands are clean!”  (Really clean, I might add.)  

Daddy makes a good ladder.

“Care to join me for a snack?”



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BIG MESS little mess

November 14th, 2008

Last night while fixing supper Miah was wanting Daddy to hold her. Miah loves to help. Especially when it comes to opening and closing things. Microwave included. She loves to push buttons also. Cellphone buttons, computer buttons, Off button included. She now knows the off button on my laptop and points at it and says, “off off off…” Miah was helping me fix supper. She closed the microwave door and pushed the #2 button that started the microwave for 2 min. Mommy was headed off to a Memorial Service for our brother in-law’s father, wearing a black dress that made her look oh so pretty!! Merrie was saying, “Bye,” as Daddy and Miah were taking the yellow Curry from the microwave.  Visualize this in slow slow motion. Mommy saying, “Bye bye, Miah,”  Miah opening the microwave, and Daddy’s one free hand picking up the Rubbermaid dish. Now back to full motion. Miah slamming the Microwave door closed. Daddy’s hand partway out the door with a Rubbermaid dish full of left over Yellow Curry, thick, soupy Yellow Curry.

Here is how you make Curry the Davis way:  4 scrambled eggs, 1 can of chopped mushrooms,  2 cans of Cream of mushroom soup, Milk or soy milk to thin out mushroom soup, Curry added to your liking, Chili pepper to your liking,  Pour over cooked rice… Quick, easy meal..  

Dish flying out of Daddy’s hand. Did I mention that our microwave is above our stove?  Did I mention that we have dark green walls, and white doors to our pantry, and hardwood floors?  Oh and I was holding a bowl of Yellow Curry.  Well, it… shall we say, went everywhere! Everywhere except on Miah.. Daddy turned as fast as he could, afraid it was hot, but Miah didn’t get a drop on her. Daddy did, Mommy did. The walls, the floor, the stove, the papers and the cards on the countertop, the doors… Everywhere, thick Yellow Curry… Mommy just got a small amount on her. Miah said, “Boom,” and “mess, mess,” “little mess.”  Daddy said, “BIG BIG MESS…” Mommy was agitated at what just happened and feared the worst, having to change clothes, when she was already running short on time. Mommy cleaned up and had to go, and Daddy had a BIG MESS to clean up. I placed Miah on a chair and told her to stay there. She patiently watched and waited and did commentary on the “little mess” as she called it, while Daddy called it a BIG MESS and went through 4 dish rags and 2 dish towels and 1 big towel and 45 minutes cleaning up the “little mess”.  

Is this what we are supposed to learn from a child?  When you think it is a big mess, is it really?  Miah taught me something very important.  We must become like a child… Don’t let the small messes become BIG MESSES in our eyes. To me it was a big mess but was it..?  Did it need to be?

After the cleanup Miah helped Daddy make “woodles” (ramen)… Miah loves noodles…  

She’s still talking about the mess Daddy made in the kitchen.

Sorry no Photos… I thought of it 1/2 way through the cleanup, but didn’t want Yellow Curry on my camera.

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Apple Cider

November 12th, 2008

Sunday was our annual Apple Cider Pressing day.  ↑Last year Miah wanted to help.  This year she actually did help.  (Her favorite part was tasting the product.)

↓Washing the apples. 

↓Helping Daddy put apples through the grinder.

After being pressed, helping Grandma fill the bottles and jugs.

Putting on the lids.

Thank you, Uncle Alex, for all the apples, and Daddy, for making the grinder and press, and everyone for all your hard work so I can drink yummy apple cider, fresh from the freezer, all year long!

Measuring Up

November 7th, 2008

Miah just keeps right on growing!  Look at that mark!  Okay, I’ll admit, she is up on her toes.

She likes us to measure her on her wall chart.  ↓This was in August.

↓This was October.  

↓And today.

When we say, “What a big girl you are!”  (That happens nearly every time I pick her up!)  Miah responds, “No.  Little.  Mommy big, Daddy big, Miah little!”  I guess she’s in no hurry to grow up.  That’s fine with me.  But I think we’ll need bricks on her head to stop her!


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