Favorite Pictures of Our Week

April 29th, 2011

The valley we live in is so beautiful this time of year.

It’s nice to get out and enjoy the spring flowers in the foothills.

This week’s hike was easier, so Ami did her share of walking.

And Miah checked out a couple geocaches.

Our hike started out chilly.  (Obviously my photos aren’t in chronological order.)  We are SO ready for some warmer temperatures around here.

I almost wish the “global warming” theory were true, then maybe we wouldn’t still be wearing jackets and gloves in the end of April!

But, once we hit mid-summer, I’m sure I’ll be missing the cooler temperatures…

Warren has been able to get out for some fly-fishing a couple times.

These photos are courtesy of Bob… otherwise all we’d have would be the fish stories…

Oh yeah, and the trout he brought back.

And now for some more Easter photos.  These are for you, Sharon.  The girls say Thank-you!

Hmm, Ami has residue of peeps on her lips.  But what she really loves is chocolate!

Happy girl!!

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The Hunt

April 27th, 2011

Sunday we were invited to and Easter Brunch and egg hunt in the lovely back yard of friends.  The kids first listened to a version of the Resurrection Story told in a dozen eggs related by the older kids.

Then it was time for the egg hunt.  You can see that some kids weren’t as worried about being first…

There were plenty of eggs for all.

Thirteen each, in fact.

Miah found her quota quickly.

Some were high…

And some low.

Then it was time to reveal the contents!

Followed by good food and play time.

Swings are a definite favorite.

Airplanes are fun, too.

Along with all the fun and games, I pray that our girls will always remember why we celebrate Easter.  The tomb is empty!

He isn’t here! He is risen from the dead, just as he said would happen. Come, see where his body was lying.

~ Matthew 28:6, NLT

Happy Easter!!

April 24th, 2011

The girls had a very enjoyable Easter, today.  Ami caught on quickly as to what the hunt was about, though she was really more interested in the contents of the eggs than in accumulating more of them.

Miah is a pro now, this being her 4th Easter celebration.  More photos to come…

Enjoying the Outdoors

April 22nd, 2011

We’re finally enjoying the spring flowers here.  The balsam root on our hillside are keeping the bees busy, and the lupine are nearly ready to bloom.

On our Sage Hills hike this week, we saw a lot of blooms, also.  I just love the green hills this time of year.

We only did 3 miles this time, but we had an elevation gain of 600 feet, so it was still a workout.

Ami was happy to do some hiking, too … on the descending part of the loop.

Miah picked a bouquet for Daddy, since he couldn’t enjoy the day with us.

He did get to hike with us on Sabbath into Ancient Lakes.  It was a nice walk in, and a relaxing time at one of the lakes.  We found out it’s a popular spot for boy scouts to come camping.

Ami didn’t seem to mind that her stick “fishing pole” didn’t have a line and hook like Daddy’s and Miah’s.  I’m sure she’ll notice at some point.

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Birthdays, Chickens, and Another Hiking Day

April 17th, 2011

Nancy brought the first spring hatchlings down to Grandma’s last night for the girls to enjoy.

And they certainly did.

They also enjoyed celebrating Daddy’s birthday this week . . . and sharing his lemon meringue pie.

We gained some elevation in this week’s hike.  It amazes me how Miah still doesn’t nap, even after hiking over 4 miles!

Miah chose Nancy as her hiking buddy . . .

While Ami tried out Tisha’s hiking stick . . . before taking the easy way up the mountain.

We had a good view of the valley, and the back of Saddle Rock.  Thankfully the rain held off until late afternoon.  Maybe next week we’ll have sunshine…

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