Out and About

July 31st, 2010


Last night the remainder of our group arrived in Guangzhou, so we are now back to a group of 20 plus families riding around in two buses.  (Notice that Ami loves staring out the windows just like Miah did.)  We spent the morning on Shamian Island while those adopting from other provinces had their medical checks and shots.


Teresa, we found Jenny’s place, and she was happy to see us… even had a photo of you and Lottie.


We were happy to see blue sky and sunshine today, although it does mean more heat!  It’s nice to have a break from the thick smog, and the afternoon thunderstorms.


With all the rain we’ve had, we’re not sure why the water truck needs to spray down all the plants…


Traffic is just nuts here.  All the bicyclists are either brave or suicidal…


The girls are doing great.  We’re not without our moments, but that was to be expected.  Overall, we cannot complain.  Ami’s nannies told us we were getting a tomboy, and that we’d have our hands full.  She is definitely starting to show more of her character!

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A Special Day

July 30th, 2010


Today we had the opportunity to go to Qingxin and visit Ami’s orphanage.


The orphanage recently moved, so this is a new location.  It was only about and hour and a half drive from Guangzhou.


The staff were happy to see Ami again, and she was happy to see them.  They were also happy to see that she has attached to us.  It was nice to be able to interact with the children in the orphanage and see that they are well cared for.


It was a special day, and also good to see some of the countryside outside of the city of Guangzhou (population around 15 million.)


A view out the window of Ami’s Orphanage

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Doctor Day….

July 29th, 2010

Well today was a day that we hoped wouldn’t come…

After a great Breakfast… as you can see…


The day that Ami had to have her Adoption physical exam. This means getting weight, height, ears, nose, lungs, throat, etc. checked, and the dreaded shots… Yep.  You got it, Shots…  Poor little girl had to have 6 shots all at one time.. Pray she doesn’t get sick from all of them.. She had one in each arm and two in each leg… I’m not happy with what they have to go through before coming in to the US.. A visitor doesn’t have to go through all this, yet she had to get them all done at once and couldn’t have them done in the states (like it used to be, like we did for Miah)… Seems wrong to me…





Miah got some much needed Mommy time today while Daddy and Ami took a nap…



Miah Three Years ago..


Miah Today..



Despite the shots (or because of the Tylen*l), Ami was much more relaxed today.  A lot more smiles, some laughter, some singing to herself as she played . . .



My Girls all ready for bed… Good Night!!!


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Another Lazy Day

July 28th, 2010


Today our only appointment was in the afternoon at the police station.  So we slept in (Miah actually made it until about 5:15am) and had a late breakfast.  We do enjoy the Breakfast Buffet here to get our day going.  Ami just eats and eats.  She points to what she wants, and turns her head away when she doesn’t want something.  It hasn’t been as easy getting liquids down her – we actually fed her formula with a medicine dropper this morning because she refused the bottle.  I think it has to do with the fact that her only bottle in the orphanage was at bedtime.  Evidently when she sees the bottle, she thinks that means bedtime and wants nothing to do with that!  Tonight she was happy to get it – but it had to be almost hot.


Daddy got a few more smiles out of Ami today, but she sobers up when she sees the camera.  The girls are still adjusting to one another and their new roles.  They played in the room a while today.  Miah is quite the builder.


We had some rain and thunder storms this afternoon.  It was actually quite loud, but we all got our naps in anyway.


At the Police station we applied for Ami’s passport and got her photo taken.  Athough she is legally adopted now, she is still a Chinese citizen, so she must have a passport to travel out of the country.  Tomorrow is the medical exam.  I hope she doesn’t need too many shots!


Well Last night was a tuff night.. Ami didn’t like being in her crib… We found out that she  a bit strong willed. She woke up when putting her down in the crib and didn’t want anything to do with that… Held her for a bit and any little move she would clench on harder to my shirt.  After many tears and both Merrie and I trying to console her she fell asleep only to wake up again at 1:00 and spent the rest of the night in bed With us.. Miah did well threw it all even after being wokeup by the crying.. I hugged here and talked with her and she was able to go back to sleep.. Miah has such a tender heart it hurts her so much when others are upset or hurt.  Ami woke up at 7:00 and had milk from a bottle. We are all Happy!!

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We’re Officially a Family of Four!

July 27th, 2010


Finally some down time.  The first since our arrival four days ago.  (It seems like we’ve been here much longer.)  The girls are sacked out on one bed, and Warren is napping on the other – much needed rest for everyone.



This morning after a nice breakfast we went back to the Civil Affairs Offices and signed more paperwork, met with the Notary (Judge), and promised that we’d take good care of Ami, and that we wanted to keep her.  So now our adoption is complete!  This lovely little toddler is now a Davis!!!



We then went shopping (necessities, not tourist stuff).  We got formula, diapers, and  groceries for some quick meals in the room.  After a little play time (in which Miah and the balloons got our first smiles out of Ami), everyone went out fast.  This is Miah’s first real nap since we got here.  She’s only been getting about 8 or 9 hours of sleep at night instead of the 11-12 she’s used to.  That accounts for why yesterday afternoon was so rough – the poor girl was exhausted, and Mommy wasn’t able to snuggle with her.  But she did so well when we got Ami.  And today has gone very well.  We are so blessed in what a caring, helpful big sister Miah is.




Ami has been very quiet.  She loves being held, but also does well playing with Miah and letting her sister lead her around.  She is really enjoying the simple toys we brought.  Last night she fell asleep with her fuzzy teddy bear in one arm, and a little toy animal in the other.  Overall she slept well last night.  Woke up crying a couple times, but went quickly back to sleep when held.  She’s a good eater and hasn’t refused a thing we’ve offered her.  Her wide palate opening doesn’t seem to hinder her, although she does eat and drink slowly.  We’re glad to see she chews her food before swallowing.  From what we can tell, she was loved and well-cared for in the orphanage.


Even though there was a years difference in age (9 mo/21 mo) between the two girls at adoption, we see a lot of similarities.  Ami just quietly takes in everything.  Watching, touching, etc.  She has showed us also, that she is strong-willed.  But mostly she has been somber, observing everything around her, and she’s content having a toy in her hand.  We have heard a few words/sounds out of her today also.  And she points to show what she wants.  It will all come in time.


Thank you for your words of encouragement.  We really appreciate your comments.  Since we don’t want to pay for internet in our room, we don’t get online often.  Sorry it’s taken so long to moderate comments.

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