Hanging on to Summer

September 28th, 2009


Miah and her bucket full of posies.


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Miah’s Musings

September 23rd, 2009


Miah talks to herself.  She either gets it from me, or she doesn’t like the sound of silence.  The other day I overheard this brief monologue:  ”Well, . . . . who knows!  . . . . One nose is enough!   -That’s what Grandma says.”  (when she sneezes)


A couple weeks ago we said good-bye to cousin Rubén.  He is now attending a university in Argentina.  ¡Te hechamos de menos!  We’re still enjoying the lingering summer and all the fresh produce that comes with September.  Grandma’s grapes are getting sweeter and sweeter!  But a deer came through last night and found my tomatoes . . . I hope he/she/they don’t come back!  Miah’s comment for the deer:  ”Stay out of my garden!”




September 18th, 2009


What a difference a year makes.  This morning as we took our walk in the warm September air, I listened to my little chatterbox comment on all that we saw and heard:  the birds chasing each other, the coyote scat on the driveway, the colors of all the flowers we saw, cars going by and whether the occupants waved back at her or not, the sprinklers in the orchard helping the apples grow, and on and on.  It was only last September that she started putting words together.  This week we started BSF, and although Miah kept asking me to stay with her in her class, once her new teacher took her hand, it was okay for me to go.  Last year we had tears the first three weeks.  As we rode home in the car, Miah told me the songs they sang in class, but when I asked if she sang them, she said, “No.”  Little do her teachers know her extensive repertoire of songs, or the volume in which she sings them!  I wonder if they’ll find out how talkative she is, or if she’ll remain shy all year?  Either way, she’ll tell me about it once we’re in the car.    

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Hike to Lake Josephine

September 14th, 2009


We had another beautiful day for hiking on Saturday.  Miah is an amazing 3-year-old and hiked the entire way in to Lake Josephine and half way out by herself.  It’s about 5 miles round-trip with close to 500 ft elevation gain and loss both ways.  We relaxed at the lake for a while, and Warren did some fly fishing.  Merrie got the “catch of the day” though, when Miah slipped off a log and fell into the lake.  I was sitting beside her and was able to catch her before her head went under.  (Notice she’s wearing a different shirt on the way back out.)


Looking down to the lake where we had just come from.  Do you see the rare family shots?  Thanks to my sister, Tish, who was hiking with us!

Lake Josephine

“Mommy, hurry up and take the picture so I can pick the rest of these huckleberries!” says the little girl with the purple lips and fingers.


A few more shots from our hike.  

And here’s one from Sunday’s breakfast!  Mmmmmm, huckleberries!


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Happy Birthday, Uncle Harley

September 9th, 2009


Thank you, Harley and Stevie, for the beautiful sweater.  I really like it.

Happy Birthday, Uncle Harley, or should I say, Zhù Ni Sheng Rì Kuài Lè!  Since I can’t share cake with you today, here’s a picture of us sharing cake in July.


Were you planning on stealing my cake, or was I imagining things?


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