Miah’s Antics

September 27th, 2007

There is never a dull moment with a toddler around.  Miah likes to be involved in whatever I’m doing.  When I do sit-ups, she crawls onto my belly.  When I read the newspaper, she’s right there scattering ads in every direction.  When I empty the dishwasher, she suddenly appears to “help” empty the silverware (generally onto the floor.)   Today as we did laundry, she began, as usual, to pull clothing out of the basket onto the floor.  But when I ask her to “hand it to Mommy” she does, and takes great pleasure in handing me the items one by one so I can put them into the washing machine.

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, and we spent a few hours outside.  After watching me pull weeds for a few months now, she often will point them out to me along the drive when we go walking so I can pull them.  Well, this day she started to help.  It was so cute watching her pull at the grass that had encroached into the flowerbeds, and yes, she pulled up some flowers as well.  Oh well, there’s plenty more.

Miah loves tomatoes.  As I was working along the bank, I let her play beside the raised beds of our vegetable garden.  So where does she head?  To pick the cherry tomatoes, of course.  When I saw her picking them, I said, “No, honey, we don’t pick the green tomatoes, we wait for them to turn red first.”  So she picks them up out of the dirt and tries to set them back up on the plant.  It was so precious.  Of course I told her thank you and what a good helper she was.  She just melts our hearts.




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Miah’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt

September 18th, 2007

I’m finally starting on Miah’s quilt. I know most people make theirs during the long wait, but I was a pretty busy person back then. As if I’m not busy now, HA! Here’s a photo of Miah supervising as I arrange the squares. She loves all the colors, and I’ve discovered I can’t work on the floor without her getting in the middle of it all. I found a perfect print for the back and accents on the front. The red with gold ladybugs matches wonderfully with the drapes in her room (red with gold dragonflies). I’ve really enjoyed designing her quilt, taking ideas from several that I’ve seen pictured, yet keeping it simple. Thank you so much to each of you who’ve contributed; it’s very special.  I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. Hopefully that won’t be too far in the future, but as a mother of a 13 month old, I won’t make any promises!



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The Wedding

September 15th, 2007

Miah was in her first wedding this weekend. She was the littlest of three flower girls. Aunt Joanie and Uncle Wes had a beautiful outdoor wedding that was enjoyed by all. Miah was supposed to ride in the wagon with Levi, the Bible boy, but she was a bit scared with all the strangers around. All weekend she did very well as long as no one got between her and Mommy or Daddy. She really enjoyed spending time and playing with her cousins from Tennessee. Thank you for all the hugs, Stephanie.

“Look at the camera, Mommy”

Special cousins
m and j

Full of smiles
Miah smile

Will the littlest flower girl ride in the wagon?


No . . .
wagon 3

“I’d rather walk with Daddy”

Settling in

September 3rd, 2007

Miah is developing into a happy and curious little girl. The past 3 1/2 months home have just flown by for us as we adjust to parenthood. It’s so rewarding for Merrie to be home with Miah full time and watch her grow and learn. Miah has bonded very well with Mommy and Daddy, and is finally relaxing more and opening up to extended family. She enjoys rides in the stroller, car, and shopping cart where she can watch the world go by. She can’t get enough of being outdoors, and has done well on camping trips in our teardrop trailer. Within a week of her birthday on August 2nd, she began walking and crawling the same day. She loves her independence, and we realize we have a strong-willed child (although we assumed this on Gotcha Day.) Her favorite activities include: playing in the garden, smelling the roses, watching the neighbor’s horses, walking down the driveway holding Mommy’s or Daddy’s hand (but only ONE hand), playing with blocks, and most of all “reading” her books. She never tires of looking at animal pictures, and mimicking the sounds of some of them. She continues to eat and sleep well, though getting to sleep is sometimes another story. Maybe that’s because she’s cutting more teeth to go with the six she has. Miah is so much fun; we don’t know what we did for entertainment before!

Daddy’s girl
watching boats

“That was funny, Mommy”
Miah Smiles

“Read it again Daddy”

Mommy’s “helper”
Miah Helping

“I’m a big girl now”

“Dirt is so much fun”
Playing in the dirt

Helping Mommy in the flower beds
Walking with shovel

“I’m so cute I don’t need a nap, do I?”
Playing with toes

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