Slow Down!

January 30th, 2010


Miah is napping with Daddy, so I have a rare, quiet interval of time to myself.  That also means that they’ll both be up late tonight, so I better take full advantage of this time!  Earlier today we were watching old videos of Miah.  Where has time gone?  Her first steps, her first words, the little toddler is no more!  And then I see the photos posted here . . .  Slow down, Miah!  Don’t grow up so fast!  Yet I am thoroughly enjoying this stage in her life (minus the whining, that is).  She’ll officially be three and a half next week!


Gotta keep those bunnies constrained, or they’ll hop away!


Taking leopard and his “crown of jewels” to Sabbath School so he can be like Miah.  (The current SS theme is “Jesus is Coming again”, so at one point all the kids get to wear crowns.)


This sounded much better than the SS room full of kids (ages 0-3) all playing instruments along with the song “Lift up the Trumpet“!

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January 26th, 2010


Talk about a sympathetic heart!  Or maybe just a silly girl.  We have Southern Yellow Pine floors.  They’re full of knots and marks that give them character.  If we happen to drop something heavy or sharp, it adds to the character.  Miah takes notice of these “owies” and remembers the details.  Yesterday she was finding some of these owies on the floor and putting “bandaids” (stickers, actually) over them “to help them get better.”


We were excited to have snowfall again a couple nights ago after too long without.  It has since melted quite a bit, but not before we sculpted a few sentries along the driveway.


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Bunnies & Books

January 22nd, 2010


I’ve mentioned before that Miah hops all over the house.  When questioned, she insists she’s not a frog, grasshopper, or kangaroo.  She’s a bunny.  How do I know you’re a bunny, Miah?  ”I have floppy ears!” is her response – (referring to her ponytails).  So, Nancy, thank you for the bunny towel.  That should keep us from getting confused.


Miah decided to ‘nap’ in her crib today instead of her big bed.  This is what I found when I checked on her↓.  Maybe she’ll become a librarian someday.


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“Child Lock”

January 15th, 2010


So does “Child lock” mean that it keeps the child out?  Or, more likely, does it mean the child locks the parents out?  I didn’t even realize that our microwave had this feature until I couldn’t start it.  No matter what button I pushed, including “clear/off”, it just blinked “LOCKED” back at me.  Thankfully, I found written directions inside the door as to how to unlock the child lock, (which also explained how Miah had locked it to begin with).


Miah likes to keep busy.  Books, puzzles, drawing & writing, ‘cooking’, ‘sewing’, and games keep her (and me) occupied during these cold winter months.  And we can’t forget hopping. Miah jumps all over the house.  She says she’s a bunny.


Pictured are a few of her Christmas presents being put to good use.


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January 9th, 2010


Church has gotten so much easier now that Miah is beginning to write and draw.  She loves to spell her name, both verbally and on paper.  Lucky for her, we unconsciously chose a name that is simple to write.  And each letter happens to be symmetrical!  So if she inadvertently writes her ‘M’ on the right hand side of the paper, she can just reverse the letters and write in mirror image:  HAIM | MIAH.  What’s the difference?  After all, ‘W’ is just an upside down ‘M’!  Remember this? (Actually, she has already gotten much better about writing in the proper direction.)


Miah has a new favorite color.  Yes, she still likes pink, but now she especially likes ‘hot pink’.  So, Nana, you made the right choice when you picked the yarn for Miah’s new slippers.  She feels very special to have slippers like Mommy and Daddy, and enjoyed helping out with the ‘shrinking’ process.


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