Babies & Birthdays

April 30th, 2010


Miah loves her little cousin, and enjoyed holding her.  But Mommy holding her is another thing entirely.  After my turn holding Natalie, Miah quietly told me, “Mommy’s arms are only for holding Miah.”  To clarify, I asked her, “So you don’t want me to hold baby Natalie?”  ”No, only Miah . . . and my baby sister.”  I thought that was very sweet, and I hope she continues to feel that way once Ami is home!


Happy (really) belated Birthday, Warren!  I’m glad you enjoyed your quiet family birthday (Daddy turned 40!)


Miah thought celebrating birthdays two days in a row was pretty fun (Seleah turned four).


But she wasn’t sure about inviting dogs (Sulivan was hoping for handouts).


Cherry Blossoms

April 23rd, 2010

cherry blossoms

These are actually old pictures (2 weeks), as it is now the apple trees that are in bloom.  Our valley is just beautiful this time of year!

cherry blossom

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Hiking the Foothills

April 16th, 2010


For the past month we have been taking advantage of our spring weather to enjoy some local hiking.  Miah and I have joined my two sisters one morning each week for an hour or two jaunt to enjoy the flora and fauna and boost the metabolism.  We are discovering some wonderful trails in the foothills quite close by.  Several have been made available for public access only recently.  It’s nice not to have to drive any distance to enjoy our spectacular views.  There’s also still too much snow in the mountains to venture there just yet, whereas our local trails are no fun in later spring or summer when it’s hot and dusty and the rattle snakes come out.

Daddy was able to join us last Sabbath as we explored some trails up Horse Lake Road.  We had a great view of our house from there!  It’s great to hear Miah pointing out the birds and wild flowers by name.  She also has an incredible sense of direction, and seems to have a map of our valley inside her head.  She can point in any direction and tell you which stores or buildings are down which roads, or who lives where.  Another attraction on our hikes is discovering more geocaches.


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As We Wait

April 11th, 2010


Miah enjoyed her back-yard Easter egg hunt, although it was a bit chilly out.


We were happy to have Paul and Kathryn here when they made a short trip up to retrieve their trailer, (another work of art by Warren).


Miah has taken a step up so that her little sister can have the tricycle.


She’s also taken an interest in hair styling.

hair stylist

We continue to have crazy weather.  As Miah says, “Spring has winter and summer in it.”


And Ami (yes, we’ve finally chosen a name) continues to wait for us in China.  This photo is thanks to another adoptive family who visited her orphanage in Dec./Jan.


Just a Picture

April 5th, 2010


Too cute not to post.  The BIG sister who talks about her little sister every day!  Miah often tells us she wants to read to her little sister.

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