Faces from Our Daughters’ Country of Birth

September 27th, 2010


We have so many photos from our China trip that we didn’t share earlier, so I thought I’d post a few now.  These ladies outside the Forbidden City were very interested in Miah, and seemed pleased to have their picture taken with her.  Not wanting to be intrusive, we didn’t take as many “people shots” as we would have liked.  But these should give you a little flavor of our experience.


These are from Tienanmen Square in Beijing,




And The Forbidden City.


The park near our hotel in Guangzhou was a great place for people watching.





We saw a lot of wedding photography at this park and also on Shamian Island, where this was taken.


I guess not all of these are “faces”.


Happy to see Ami again at our visit to the orphanage.


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The Loooong Trip Home

August 9th, 2010

Though I’d rather just forget about our long journey home, I’d probably better document it.  Especially since I’m up in the middle of the night for the 4th night in a row with a toddler still on China-time.

china van

Once we got Ami’s visa from the Consulate, we took a van to Hong Kong Wed. evening.  This was significantly less expensive than flying home from Guangzhou.


We drove for about three hours, and all we saw was city and “suburbs” consisting of high-rise apartment buildings.  We anticipated we might see some of the countryside, but three hours of highway driving, and solid population…


With a couple rivers to cross,

china pigs

and the cargo on passing trucks.

Unlike our trip for Miah, we don’t have photos of Ami’s first plane ride, or the welcoming committee at our final destination.  But THANK-YOU Ruben, Ashley, Katie, and Nancy for meeting us at the airport, and for bringing our car.  It’s definitely a lot harder traveling with two youngsters. And 25 plus hours in airplanes and airports isn’t easy for anyone!  Thankfully the longest of our three flights went fairly smoothly.  Unfortunately, they both totally lost it at security in Seattle, then Miah got another big nose-bleed to add to the fun.  But God provides grace when we need it, and everyone around us was accommodating.  In all my travels, I don’t think it’s ever felt so good to be home.  And Ami seems quite happy to be here, too.  When we asked Miah what her one favorite part of our China trip was, her response was, “Ami!”


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August 5th, 2010

What a long trip but we are home… Now to get everyone fed and to bed….

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The Final Stretch

August 3rd, 2010


Today we went to the US Consulate for the Oath taking Ceremony.  They verified our faces matched our passports, and we swore that all the paperwork we’ve completed and signed is accurate.  So we’re done!  Tomorrow afternoon, as soon as Ami’s visa is picked up, we’ll be out of here (bus to Hong Kong, overnight there, and flight home Thursday morning).


Other families were one or two days later than us in their consulate appointments, so we all depart at different times.  We gathered as many families as we could for photos today on the hotel lobby stairs.  This is 5 of the 6 families we spent two weeks with – all adopting in Guangdong province.  New friendships that will last a lifetime.


Over 20 newly adopted children, with a few of the moms and dads.  We had really wanted to travel two weeks earlier, but there were no CAs left.  In hindsight we see that if we had, we wouldn’t have met any of these families, rather an entirely different group.  Among our new friends are two families from WA state, one from OR, (so nice to meet other NW families) and another family who are close friends with the Walls, who we traveled with when adopting Miah.


Our AWAA guides helped take our group photos.  Their daughter is a budding photographer herself!  Amy and Lineker also helped us through Miah’s adoption.  They are amazing, keeping all of us, and our paperwork in order.


You may notice the mischievous twinkle in Ami’s eyes.  I’ll just say we have a strong-willed child.

Our trip heading home starts tomorrow afternoon .. Leave for Hong Kong by Mini buss then spend the night there and head home the next am.. We leave at 9:40 am on the 5th and get in to wenatchee at 5:10 Pm Thru Aug 5… That is after flying almost 15 hr.. Pray for us…

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Consulate Appointment today and Miah’s Birthday!!

August 2nd, 2010

The Consulate Appointment is where they take all our paperwork… Ami’s Chinese passport, adoption documents, and all the immunization and doc info to get Ami’s Visa so she can enter the US and become a US citizen.  When Ami lands in Seattle and goes through immigration she will be a US Citizen.. So today Mommy and Ami waited in the Hotel room just in case there were questions from the Consulate while our guide took them our paperwork.  After all that was done we went shopping and then came back to go swimming.  When we came in to the room we saw 2 plates with napkins and spoons and forks on them… I was thinking wow.. they saw we are eating in our room and thought we could use some plates.. I was wrong… It was all for Miah… Someone must have told the front desk it was Miah’s Birthday and they brought up a Beautiful cake for Miah… So after swimming we had cake for Miah’s Birthday.. We were going to have Oreo Cookies…


This is what was in our room when we got back from shopping.

Miah, the Big Birthday Girl.. 4 Years Old!!!



The Cake!!  (She also got a bag of goodies from the Setzers, and a nice homemade card from Ling, not to mention the special gifts we found while shopping!)



Ami all Proud with Miah’s Shoes on.


Ami Put on Miah’s Shoe’s today all by her self over here shoe’s.. didn’t matter that they where on the wrong feet she was having fun.


We all got in the Pool today.. Was Nice..


The Big Clouds Rolling in..

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