It’s Still Spring In the Mountains

June 29th, 2011

Sabbath we enjoyed a mountain adventure with friends.  As you can see below, we couldn’t yet drive all the way to Tyee Lookout.

So we got out for a little walk.  But first we had to climb the mountain of snow!

Oops!  The sticky mud grabbed Ami’s shoe!

But it was worth it to play in the snow,

And take turns sledding with Izzy,

And admire the beautiful flowers growing in the rocks.

Then we found a good spot for supper, and games like follow-the-leader.

We feel very blessed to live where we do!

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June 24th, 2011

Such genuine smiles all looking at the camera.  Except one.  Ami was looking at Katie’s bare feet, and soon after, both hers and Miah’s feet were also bare.  I don’t know if the big cousins entertained the little ones more, or if the little cousins entertained the big cousins the most.  I think they were all having fun.

On our “field trip” to Aplets and Cotlets we were pleased to have Yajaira be our tour guide.

A very windy day for our hike, but beautiful views of the valley.  And a few fun geocaches, too.

Our girls are blessed to live so close to extended family.  They never tire of spending time with Grandma, aunts (& uncle), and cousins.  They also wish we lived closer to the other side of the family and could visit them more often…

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Ear Troubles

June 23rd, 2011

Monday I was catching up on weeding, and after the girls helped a bit they headed to the back yard.  I assumed they were swinging.  A while later they returned with a couple handfuls of peas in their pails!  After making sure they were picking the right ones (snow peas), I let them go pick some more, then more, and more.  I finally helped them finish picking the hard to reach peas, but they filled most of the pails themselves.  They were so proud to be helping, and I was quite happy to let them.  As Miah gets older she is becoming quite a responsible little helper, and Ami is generally happy to follow her lead.  It’s a bonus when the help is unsolicited.

Another bonus:  if the girls want a snack I just send them to the garden.

Oh, and they also got to sample their first cherries of the season this last week.  Their consumption of cherries was limited though, especially considering they’re not quite ripe.

More highlights of the week included spending time with Rubén (just home from college),

and Ashley while she was visiting.

And staying up late to go to Katie’s graduation.  Congratulations!!

The NOT so fun part of the week was Miah’s slipping, falling, and cutting her ear on the edge of a shelf.

Blood.  Screaming.  1/4″ wide cut clear through.  ER visit.  Lots of tears.  Lots of waiting.  Ended up with no stitches, or bandage even.  (Nearly shedding tears ourselves in the waiting room watching empathetic Ami patting Miah on the back saying “I sorry, I sorry, Miah.”)

Back to the doctor a couple days later due to infection, but it’s healing nicely now.

Ami, on the other hand, has different ear troubles.  I think I mentioned that she was finally sleeping through the night?  Well, that only lasted about two months.

With our crazy weather, we’ve been having very windy nights (for weeks).  We’ve concluded that since the insertion of ear tubes during her last surgery, she is now hearing sounds that never bothered her before.  The wind wakes her up, and she’s now back into her old sleeping/waking (as in waking the whole household) habits.  But we are seeing great progress in her speech!

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Maiden Voyage with a Great Dad!

June 19th, 2011

Happy Father’s Day!!  You are awesome, and we’re so blessed to be able to call you “Daddy.”

Thanks for all your work on the “new” camper so we could try it out last weekend.

We appreciate all the deep cleaning and repairs you made so it fits us just right.

We can’t forget the improvised bed rails!

Now Ami knows what “camping” is all about.

I’m sure she’s hooked, like Miah.

Camping with good friends is always a plus.

And eating Daddy’s yummy breakfasts.

We love you!!  Thanks for all you do, and for the great adventures you take us on!

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Mountain Time Again

June 17th, 2011

A couple weeks ago we hiked up to Silver Falls with a group of friends and family.

The rivers and creeks have a lot of volume right now!

Miah enjoyed getting another perspective of the falls with Daddy,

And a bit of a shower while they were at it.

Ami enjoyed watching the water, too.

It was a little too fast and too cold to play in.

But we sure enjoyed the mountain air and beautiful day!

We did another hike closer to home while our friends were visiting.

The girls love having company.

I also enjoy the ‘more adults than children’ ratio.

It beats hiking like I did in this photo from April ↓.

In reality, Miah is a great hiker who isn’t usually carried, and Ami hikes a lot on her own now, too.

We’re thankful to have two girls who both love the great outdoors!

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