Miah on the phone

January 29th, 2008


Well, today Miah said, “Hi, Daddy!”  Wow, what a thrill!  We have been working on trying to get her to say Hi when I call home, and today was the day!!! Way to go Girl!! You made my day!!! We have been trying to get her to say Mama and Daddy please when she wants something.  She has the words Mama and Dada or Papa down, but still needs to get please.  She signs for please, and it is so nice to hear her say Mama, or Dada instead of her uhuhuhuhuh…. Miah is growing up.      Warren



She must be practicing the National Anthem



Maybe we shouldn’t have let her watch that Healing Evangelist on TV.

(Just Kidding.  Who knows what she’s thinking!) 

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The view from our house

January 24th, 2008


Full moon getting ready to set

We have the most spectacular view of the Cascade Mountains.  Pictures don’t do justice.  I especially like early mornings when the sun is just turning the mountains pink. 


Sunday’s light snow

 Miah is happy to “help” me shovel if she can carry her little bucket and shovel. 

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The Bird Feeder

January 21st, 2008

“Mommy, why do hawks eat birdies?”


Miah loves to help fill the bird feeders.  Our winter residents are gold finches, juncoes, house finches, white crowned sparrows, and California quail.  They provide hours of viewing enjoyment just feet from our front windows.  We also enjoy watching the hawks year round.  We have a wide variety that like to soar on the rising air currents along the steep hillside.  We also see osprey and bald eagles fly up the valley from time to time.  

Unfortunately, “bird feeder” has more than one meaning.  This morning I finally got a picture of this Cooper’s Hawk (I guess the Sharp-shinned Hawk is a little smaller) hoping for an easy meal.  I’ve also seen the American Kestrel and the Northern Harrier perched on the feeder.   They really torment the poor little birds, and we often hear thumps on the slider as they hurry to escape the oncoming predators.  Well, today, upon hearing one of those thumps, I looked up to see a Kestrel grab in his talons the poor little stunned junco from our deck and fly off.  I guess he’s gotta eat, too.


The opportunist 



The way it’s supposed to look


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Miah likes Phones

January 18th, 2008


Whenever I talk on the phone, Miah has to have a phone, too.  



She’s content to just carry it around next to her ear, until I hang up my phone.


She especially likes Cousin Katie’s phone.



Maybe thats because there’s so many pictures of her on it. 


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Happy Birthday Grandma

January 16th, 2008


We hope you had a great birthday.  We look forward to seeing you next week! 

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