ABCs and Banned Books

February 20th, 2009


This morning as I read my BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) lesson, Miah wanted me to sit on the couch.  (She really wanted me to play with her, but she is learning that she has to entertain herself when I am having my Bible study time.)  She crawled up in my lap and was “reading” her current favorite books, Four Frogs in a Box by Mercer Mayer.  As I continued to read my lesson, she picked up the pink BSF Home Training Lesson (Biblical ideas on training children).  Have I ever mentioned that Miah REALLY likes pink?  Anyway, she proceeded to point out letters on the page and tell me, correctly, what they were.  I think she has pretty much all of them down now, and she just turned 2 1/2 this month!  This is a dream come true for this teacher Mommy.  And this hasn’t been my agenda, it’s been hers!  She’s displayed her fascination with letters for over a year now, and she’s constantly wanting me to read to her.  She has quite an extensive library, I might add.  Ah, the joys of motherhood.  Reading to my students was one of my favorite teacher activities, and now I get to do it all the time with Miah!


Speaking of Miah’s favorite books, I was surprised to see their cost on Amazon.  I certainly didn’t pay that when I got them during my college years.  I guess they are now out of print, but it looks like you can buy them for less individually, unless they are now considered banned books.  ←I was sickened to read this article; please take the time to read about government censorship in action – OUR government.  I had heard about CPSIA, but didn’t realize this aspect of it.  I have a sudden urge to collect as many pre-1985 children’s books as I can get my hands on!


On a lighter note, the other day Miah was having fun in her new pettiskirt and I took a few photos.


Notice what color she is wearing!


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Model Miah

February 12th, 2009


A friend of ours has an online children’s clothing store and asked if Miah would like to model.  We tried it a year ago, and Miah wasn’t interested, but last week she cooperated well.  If you like to shop for your little one, or for gifts, check out Jacqueline’s website at  


These photos were taken by Jackie, modeling her line, “Ally Girl”.  So to see Miah’s photos on the website, find the Ally Girl link.  You can also see several of Miah’s little friends as you browse.


We think she’s a pretty cute little model!



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6 Little Monkeys

February 6th, 2009


“Pink bow… purple bow… that one, too… all of them!”  So, you see, sometimes Miah likes to wear bows -nearly a dozen, this time.  But when I put her down for her nap . . . be it braids, ponytails, or bows . . . when I return . . . they’re all gone!  But at least she’s been napping.  She went 4 days without naps last week, and I was getting worried, so even though the going down is not as smooth as it used to be, I’m not complaining!


And here we have a bunch of ‘gusanos’!  These are what I find on the camera when Miah and Daddy have been hanging out by themselves for the evening.


Five, no, make that six little monkeys and a tiger, all wrapped up and ready for bed!  


(I just found out there were seven monkeys all wrapped up, but the biggest one had to get up to take the picture!)

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