Another Modeling Day

April 30th, 2009


Miah and I got a phone call while at the library Tuesday.  Jackie got a shipment of Ally Girl pettiskirts in some new colors and needed a model.


So I have to give Jackie the credit for these pictures.


But I’ll give God the credit for the cute little girl!


Miah was happy to model pink outfits…


and to bring one home.


I was happy, too, because although I love the clothing at, our limited budget doesn’t allow for much clothes shopping other than sales!


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Miah, the Poet

April 27th, 2009


A couple weeks ago I taught Miah the little rhyme:  “Ooey Gooey was a worm, a mighty worm was he, he climbed up on the railroad track, the train he did not see . . . Ooooey goooey!”  I’ve heard her say it (and another version involving a salad/fork) a few times.  Then today I overhear this, to the tune of Zacchaeus Was a Wee Little Man:

Ooey gooey was a worm, A mighty worm was he, He climbed up in the sycamore tree, for the Lord he wanted to see . . .

She gave me a funny look when I burst out laughing.  Actually, it makes perfect sense, and it even rhymes!

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Always A Helper

April 24th, 2009


Miah watering the plants with her Ducky bucket.  She LOVES it.  Thanks, Paul and Kathryn.

 She even used it to create some mud to play in while I was busy weeding.  ↓Here she is pointing out how nice the mud looks on the side of the house.  Sorry, Miah, but our house has wood siding, not stucco.


Miah is an incredible helper.  I’m thinking I should be able to retire from any cleaning chores, soon.  Not only does Miah water the plants, she mops, …


she helps Grandma haul and stack wood (she insisted on pushing the empty wheelbarrow on every return trip), …


and she washes cars.


The bubbles may have something to do with her enthusiasm in cleaning.


And the fact that she likes to do whatever we happen to be doing.


I guess that means I can’t retire from cleaning.  I imagine Miah will just be interested in whatever else I’m doing instead of wanting to clean on her own!


Oh, well.  Cleaning doesn’t seem as mundane with Miah involved.



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Easter Joy

April 18th, 2009


Last week we took Miah to an Easter Egg Hunt at Smallwood Harvest.  She was a bit intimidated with the throng of people scrambling around her, but she managed to gather a few eggs to put in her basket.  Notice the color of eggs she chose to collect?


Before they gave the okay to cross the rope, Miah was actually eager . . . until this critter started waltzing toward us.


She wanted nothing to do with the Easter Bunny, but agreed to check out this non-threatening pink version.


Overall, it was a fun adventure.


At home on Easter Sunday, we had to dodge rain showers.


Miah ran to gather eggs this time.


She was even picking them up two at  a time!


Preference was again given to the pink eggs.  Though she didn’t seem to care what color of M&Ms were inside!


We hope you all had a blessed Easter and took time to contemplate the reason for this Celebration of Life.


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Happy Birthday, Daddy!

April 12th, 2009


Aren’t they sweet?!  Miah had a special day with Daddy today.


Last night she helped make a cake . . .  She got to open one of his presents . . .


(I was surprised she didn’t tell him what was inside!)  Then she tried it on . . .  They also went to the park . . .


And she got to blow out the candle and eat ice cream . . .  Okay, whose birthday is it, anyway?


On top of all that, it’s Easter and Miah got to hunt for eggs and eat some of the candy hidden inside.  No wonder she was a bit wired tonight!