November 26th, 2010


This is one of my favorite times of the year.  It’s great to have a holiday to remind us of all we have to be thankful for.

Ami's first snowfall

Ami's first snowfall

She caught on quickly.

She caught on quickly.

I’m thankful for an incredible husband (of which I have no recent pictures) . . .


And my two energetic daughters who give my life purpose . . .


I’m thankful for the loving family I grew up in . . .


I’m thankful to live in the best country in the world . . .


I’m thankful for a wonderful location to live . . .


(with four seasons) . . .


And the girls are thankful for the bunny . . .


(Miah first spotted him a few weeks ago out by the shed.  When the snow came we started seeing him coming and going from under the front porch.  I guess in our single-digit temperatures it’s a little warmer next to the house.)


(Or else he likes the bird feed.  And you can see that he now gets salad scraps, too.)


We are all thankful for a Loving God who created us, and has given us a plan of salvation and a hope for eternity.


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Little Miss Ami

November 21st, 2010


As time goes by, Little Miss Ami continues to blossom and show her true character.  And she IS a character!  She expresses her attitude in everything she does.  We have come a long way in the past 3 1/2 months!  Less outbursts.  More sleep at night.  Enjoying playing with her sister.  Of course we’re still working on all these areas and more, and we probably will be for some time to come.  But we’re thankful for the resilient little person God gave us.


In Ami’s last Post – Op appointment (almost 3 weeks ago), her surgeon was happy with her lip-healing and said we could move her palate surgery up a couple months.  It will probably be in February.

So our current treatment plan includes:  Lip massage (to help break down the scar tissue – which happens to be thicker in Asians), and Keeping her out of the sun (to prevent irregular pigmentation – this is very difficult where we live, so we slather on the sunscreen and try to keep a hat on her.)  In preparation for her palate surgery, we’re weaning her off the sippy cup, since she is to have NOTHING in her mouth (other than liquid and pureed food) while the palate heals.  At least now that she has a complete upper lip, drinking from a cup is much easier.  The doctor also suggested we keep her on a soft-food diet between now and surgery.  That would be one less drastic change for her to have to go through post – op.


One reason for scheduling Ami’s surgery as soon as possible is due to how much she’s trying to talk.  Her vocabulary is actually quite extensive.  Once her palate is intact, she can hopefully start learning all the sounds to make her understandable.


Her recent EI and Speech evaluations were enlightening.  They reveal just how far she has progressed in her time home with us.  It’s incredible how quickly she has/is catching up in cognitive, motor, communicative, adaptive, and social development, from her previous environment with little to no stimulation in some of these areas.  She tested at 32 months for social development.  Go figure.  She qualifies for speech only because of her cleft.  Her receptive and expressive language are within normal range.  Another one of my pre – Gotcha day concerns invalidated.  Praise the Lord!


Visiting the Dentist

November 15th, 2010


Can you say, “No cavities!”


Ami survived her first dentist visit today, although neither of the girls liked the experience.  We’re happy to report that they are both cavity free!  We expected this of Miah, but were unsure about Ami.  Thankfully the black on some of Ami’s teeth is only on the surface and will be cleaned off over time.  It is nothing we need to be concerned about.  Keep up the good brushing habits, girls!

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Caught Red (Orange)- Handed

November 12th, 2010


This happens on the way home from Grandma’s every week.  Well, the sleeping part does.  She doesn’t always have her hand still stuck in the cheerio cup.


The sun burned through the fog in time for us to enjoy the leaves again this week.  They were too wet for raking into burn piles, or to jump in.  But they still worked nicely for dumping over the head . . .


The simple joys of childhood.  It’s nice to be reminded.


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The Joys of Autumn

November 6th, 2010


Another plus to visiting Grandma is all the fall leaves we get to play in . . . without having to rake them!


Actually we did rake some of them  - into a pile!


This pile wasn’t big enough.


So a little transferring of leaves took place.


And a little throwing.


And a little burying.


The girls are hoping we’ll have some dry weather next week so we can do it again.


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