Four Years Old!!!!

October 21st, 2012

Ami, how is it that you are four already?!  What a big girl you are becoming!  Not in stature so much, but in every other way!  It doesn’t seem so long ago that your turned two …

And then three …

And now you are four.  You’ve waited for this birthday for so long, trying so hard to catch up with your jie jie.

But we like you just the way you are:  full of spunk, meeting the world head-on, and leaving a smile on the face of everyone you encounter.

We love you, Ami!  Happy Birthday!

Saying Good-bye to Summer

October 12th, 2012

We took a little vacation last month when we went to the wedding.

Thank you, Shanks, for the awesome time we had at your home…

The lake,

The ocean,

The beach,

The dunes,

The aquarium,

the great food, and especially the good company.

We’re glad you now live closer!

Moving on south…

I’m not sure how I feel about road trips.  I love them, and I hate them…

But it was sure an adventure to visit the Giant Redwoods!

Ami was a little intimidated by Paul and Babe.

Driving through a tree was pretty cool though.

Getting a Junior Ranger badge was neat, too!

As was sleeping in the loft at our destination.

And spending time with family,

Other than the hours of driving, it was a fun trip,

And one the girls should remember.

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