A Wedding

September 28th, 2012

Congratulations, Rubén and Ashley!

Thank you for the extra special weekend in California.

It was a such an honor to be in your wedding.

We hope it was your Best Day Ever!

Welcome to the family, Ashley!

(Even though you’ve been Ami’s favorite cousin for nearly two years already.)

Fresh Air, Please?

September 14th, 2012

One week ago we were picking huckleberries and hiking on a beautiful day in our beautiful mountains.  As we got a little rainfall we had no idea what was happening back home. When we got home we witnessed the tail end of the lightening storm, but the damage was already done.  Wildfires ignited everywhere.  I read that over 100 fires were started by lightening strikes in north central Washington.

On Sunday Warren viewed at least 10 while motorbiking in the mountains.

We could see six others from our house.  Thankfully none are threatening our immediate neighborhood (as we’ve experienced three times since living here.)  But hundreds of others have been under evacuation notice as the fires have burned the foothills and forests around our town.  The firefighters have done an awesome job protecting homes, even though their resources have been stretched!

We haven’t taken many photos, but you can see some great shots at this site. At night you can easily see the flames as they devour the dry vegetation of our local hiking trails, like some pictured here, and here.

As tens of thousands of acres burn, you can see that living in this valley has become hazardous to one’s health!  Teary eyes, burning sinuses, headache, smoker’s cough… everyone shares the symptoms.  And when you walk in from outdoors you bring the smell of “campfire” with you.

Driving out the driveway to visit friends this evening, Ami said, “I see the moon!”  No, Ami, that’s the sun.  Oh, to go back to one week ago…

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Just Swingin’

September 7th, 2012

The Davis School is back in session, but we’re still enjoying summer weather.

We’ve got the best Dad in the world!  Thanks for the awesome swing set.

A swing with a view!

This is where all recesses are now spent.

And we have several each day.

Look closely, and you may be able to guess what Miah wants for Christmas…

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