Look Who Turned Three!!!

October 26th, 2011

Ami was very excited about having her own Birthday Party.  Sharing a birthday with Aunty Tisha (as well as some friends from church) can be fun, but we kept hearing comments like, “Today is only my birthday!”  We did have separate celebrations this year, so Ami was able to enjoy being the center of attention.  (Not that she isn’t normally the center of attention anyway!)

On her big day she was telling everyone she met, “It’s my birthday!  I’m three!” We also heard comments like, “Mom, can we (I) color with markers now?” No. “I’m three now, so yes, I can!”

The caterpillar looks pretty tasty.  Ami is a big fan of dessert.  Or, in her words, “seedirt”.

I don’t think she ever made it to the cake part, but the frosting was evidently good!

It’s a good thing we were able to work off all that sugar on the playground.

And it’s always fun to hang with Izzy.

Finally, her own “swimming” pole, as she calls it.

And a parasol like her jie jie has.  Along with lots of other fun gifts.

Thank you, everyone, for helping Ami celebrate!

One Missing Tooth!

October 19th, 2011

Guess who lost her first tooth?!

We didn’t expect it to happen so soon, at 5 years, 2 months, but Miah is always amazing us.  She’d been wiggling it for a couple weeks with her tongue, and one morning it wiggled right out!  No pain, no blood, no help needed.  Just  the way a first tooth should exit!

Daddy promised her a special treat that afternoon, to which she replied, “Can Ami come, too?”  So it became a family celebration.

But the tooth fairy only looked under one pillow.

Another Huckleberry Day

October 12th, 2011

We had planned to hike Saturday to Lake Josephine, but after 4-wheeling up the mountain, our plans changed.  We found a few berries.

We assumed picking season was probably over, but we took our containers just in case.  Ami either didn’t remember how to wear hers, or she figured it didn’t matter, since she planned on eating all that she picked anyway.

A good remedy for that is to give the girls chewing gum!

Then, hopefully, a few berries might end up in their containers.

I think it worked!

Hey, I thought your gum was blue!

We did hike a little ways.

It was such a beautiful autumn day.

Then back to picking berries!  After a couple sparse years for picking, we couldn’t believe how loaded the bushes were, and these were the perfect ripeness.  We brought home about 3 gallons.  The girls actually did their fair share of picking…

Before taking a rest.

Thankfully there were no tummy aches, because we know they consumed a lot…of berries…we didn’t eat the mushrooms this time.

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