Finally Done!

March 9th, 2012

Ami is now the proud owner of her very own 100 Good Wishes Quilt!

As soon as I finished stitching the binding, she wanted it on her bed.

Of course we had to take some pictures first.

Both the front, and the back.

“I like the panda bear!”

Did you see your name block?

“Now I’m ready for a nap.”

Just one more picture, with both your quilts!

I remember Miah being fascinated with her new quilt, too.

My haven’t the years flown by!

Although I finished both the quilt top and back in January,

I didn’t get to the final step, the quilting, right away.

There were a few other quilting jobs already in line…

Mom is the master quilt maker.  I just do some of the machine quilting for her.

Her 90 year old friend, Virginia, keeps me busy, too, with her baby quilts.

In all I’ve quilted seven this season (winter), with another in progress and maybe one or two more after that.  Then that should be it for a while, as it will soon be warm enough for gardening/hiking/outdoor time!

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New Year Resolution

January 5th, 2012

I generally don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I have one this year.  To finish Ami’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  I feel comfortable saying that, since I completed the front on January 2!

Since I’m keeping track of the steps (para ti, Sylvia), we’ll go back a few months.  I last posted on this topic in May, and progress has been sporadic to non-existent since then.  Just too many other things to occupy my time.  Imagine that.

Once we finally had enough squares (in June), and the arrangement was chosen, I sewed them into larger squares (four 5″ squares becoming one 9 1/2″ square).

I then completed each square with the white border and red (2 1/2″) square . . . which were then sewn into strips of four.

After Christmas I finally got around to sewing the six strips together.  I have to add that this quilt is actually fun to work on.  Each of the fabric squares tells a story.  There are fabrics as old as me, left over from outfits Mom made us.  Others are remnants from quilts lovingly made for different cousins.  Many were specially chosen for Ami from bolts or stacks in the fabric stores.  One is from the same fabric as Miah’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  Some are from shirts or dresses that have outlived that use.  Several come from distant lands:  Bali, Belgium, Camaroon (Africa), Hawaii, Japan, and Spain.  What a special gift for Ami.

Next came the first white border.

Then I sewed strip after strip of remnant fabric to create another border,

And attached it.

Remnants will also be used as more fabric squares on the back.

Now the final white border!

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Ami’s Quilt

May 3rd, 2011

Ami loves to “read”.  Tonight she was “reading” her Sisters book to us, and came to a page where they are sitting in a chair together.  She pointed to the picture and said, “time out”.  Warren said, “No, they’re just sitting in the chair reading together.”  But Ami insisted they were in a time out!

I have finally started putting Ami’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt together.  I know, it’s been a whole year since I first started gathering fabric and wishes.  But it has been a busy year, too.  I found this neat fabric at Fabric Depot, (online), and was able to get it during a great sale.  It is similar in color and quality to the fabric I used for the back of  Miah’s quilt, but a different design.

I’m using the same “pattern” that I used for Miah’s.  First I lay out all the different squares and arrange them in fours, and rearrange them, and rearrange them again.   I was hoping to be able to get this done in the winter months (it’s a shame to work on inside projects when the weather is nice outside), but we still do not quite have 100 different fabric squares.  I got tired of waiting and started on it anyway, we’ll probably use leftover fabric from Miah’s quilt to finish out the 100.  So if anyone has any extra “Good wishes” they want to post for Ami, we could certainly use them!

Thank you everyone who has sent fabric and wishes for Ami.  It is really special to have each of you be a part of her quilt.  We enjoy reading what you have written for her, and I know someday Ami will treasure her scrapbook like Miah does hers.

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Ami’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt

July 9th, 2010


Some people make their 100 Good Wishes Quilt during the wait.  Me?  I start collecting the fabric after referral, and don’t start the quilt till after my girl is home.  It worked for Miah, so it should work for Ami.  Okay, not many people have contributed so far, so if you’d like to participate, see the directions below!  If you need our address, let me know.


100 Good Wishes Quilt

This custom comes from Northern China- called “Bai Jia Bei” to celebrate a new life in a family.  Family and friends all send fabric, with which to make a quilt, knowing that it was made with the love and good wishes of family.

(The above quilt was made for Miah, along with a scrapbook full of good wishes.  Now we are ready to make another one for Ami.)

We are again inviting our family and friends to contribute a square or two of fabric, along with a separate good wish, prayer, scripture, etc. for Ami, written on a small card or piece of paper, and a second scrap of the material attached.  The fabric squares will be made into a quilt, and the wishes will be made into a scrapbook for our daughter to enjoy when she is older, matching the wishes with the fabrics in her quilt.

Each square needs to be a minimum of 7”x7”. The material should be cotton fabric, either print or solid… you choose.  It can be a new piece of fabric or a used one that might have special meaning.


You can see pictures of the process if you look under “Categories” on the right, and click on “Quilt”.

By the way, as of yesterday, our flight itinerary is confirmed and our tickets purchased!

100 Good Wishes Scrapbook

March 13th, 2008


Mommy finally finished my scrapbook cover to go with my 100 Good Wishes Quilt.


Here are some of the Good Wishes people sent me.  Mommy’s not done with this part yet.  100 is a big number!


The scrapbook looks a little bit like my quilt.


I can’t wait till I’m able to read all these wishes on my own! 

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