Ami’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt

July 9th, 2010


Some people make their 100 Good Wishes Quilt during the wait.  Me?  I start collecting the fabric after referral, and don’t start the quilt till after my girl is home.  It worked for Miah, so it should work for Ami.  Okay, not many people have contributed so far, so if you’d like to participate, see the directions below!  If you need our address, let me know.


100 Good Wishes Quilt

This custom comes from Northern China- called “Bai Jia Bei” to celebrate a new life in a family.  Family and friends all send fabric, with which to make a quilt, knowing that it was made with the love and good wishes of family.

(The above quilt was made for Miah, along with a scrapbook full of good wishes.  Now we are ready to make another one for Ami.)

We are again inviting our family and friends to contribute a square or two of fabric, along with a separate good wish, prayer, scripture, etc. for Ami, written on a small card or piece of paper, and a second scrap of the material attached.  The fabric squares will be made into a quilt, and the wishes will be made into a scrapbook for our daughter to enjoy when she is older, matching the wishes with the fabrics in her quilt.

Each square needs to be a minimum of 7”x7”. The material should be cotton fabric, either print or solid… you choose.  It can be a new piece of fabric or a used one that might have special meaning.


You can see pictures of the process if you look under “Categories” on the right, and click on “Quilt”.

By the way, as of yesterday, our flight itinerary is confirmed and our tickets purchased!

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