New Year Resolution

January 5th, 2012

I generally don’t make New Year’s resolutions, but I have one this year.  To finish Ami’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  I feel comfortable saying that, since I completed the front on January 2!

Since I’m keeping track of the steps (para ti, Sylvia), we’ll go back a few months.  I last posted on this topic in May, and progress has been sporadic to non-existent since then.  Just too many other things to occupy my time.  Imagine that.

Once we finally had enough squares (in June), and the arrangement was chosen, I sewed them into larger squares (four 5″ squares becoming one 9 1/2″ square).

I then completed each square with the white border and red (2 1/2″) square . . . which were then sewn into strips of four.

After Christmas I finally got around to sewing the six strips together.  I have to add that this quilt is actually fun to work on.  Each of the fabric squares tells a story.  There are fabrics as old as me, left over from outfits Mom made us.  Others are remnants from quilts lovingly made for different cousins.  Many were specially chosen for Ami from bolts or stacks in the fabric stores.  One is from the same fabric as Miah’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt.  Some are from shirts or dresses that have outlived that use.  Several come from distant lands:  Bali, Belgium, Camaroon (Africa), Hawaii, Japan, and Spain.  What a special gift for Ami.

Next came the first white border.

Then I sewed strip after strip of remnant fabric to create another border,

And attached it.

Remnants will also be used as more fabric squares on the back.

Now the final white border!

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5 Responses to “New Year Resolution”

  1. Warren Says:

    Great job!! Its sure looking good!!

  2. pauline davis Says:

    How very very special. It is also great to think Ami has the whole story in writing and pictures.

  3. Silvia Says:

    ¡Me encantaaaaaaa! I really like it. I will continue also with mine this year. It is really beautiful. Happy New Year!!

  4. Sharon Says:

    Great job on the quilt! It looks beautiful. I am determined this year to make a book with our travels while in China and pictures of Liliah’s life in China.

  5. Silvia Says:

    I really love it!! Yesterday I continued with mine… I promise pictures.

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