Finally Done!

March 9th, 2012

Ami is now the proud owner of her very own 100 Good Wishes Quilt!

As soon as I finished stitching the binding, she wanted it on her bed.

Of course we had to take some pictures first.

Both the front, and the back.

“I like the panda bear!”

Did you see your name block?

“Now I’m ready for a nap.”

Just one more picture, with both your quilts!

I remember Miah being fascinated with her new quilt, too.

My haven’t the years flown by!

Although I finished both the quilt top and back in January,

I didn’t get to the final step, the quilting, right away.

There were a few other quilting jobs already in line…

Mom is the master quilt maker.  I just do some of the machine quilting for her.

Her 90 year old friend, Virginia, keeps me busy, too, with her baby quilts.

In all I’ve quilted seven this season (winter), with another in progress and maybe one or two more after that.  Then that should be it for a while, as it will soon be warm enough for gardening/hiking/outdoor time!

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  1. Silvia Says:

    ¡Preciosa! ¡Te ha quedado PRECIOSA! Muchas felicidades. Besos

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