The Wedding

September 15th, 2007

Miah was in her first wedding this weekend. She was the littlest of three flower girls. Aunt Joanie and Uncle Wes had a beautiful outdoor wedding that was enjoyed by all. Miah was supposed to ride in the wagon with Levi, the Bible boy, but she was a bit scared with all the strangers around. All weekend she did very well as long as no one got between her and Mommy or Daddy. She really enjoyed spending time and playing with her cousins from Tennessee. Thank you for all the hugs, Stephanie.

“Look at the camera, Mommy”

Special cousins
m and j

Full of smiles
Miah smile

Will the littlest flower girl ride in the wagon?


No . . .
wagon 3

“I’d rather walk with Daddy”

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2 Responses to “The Wedding”

  1. Diana Says:

    You all look fantastic! Miah was such a gorgeous flower girl. I am so glad you re-sent me the link to your blog. I promise to check in often! It is so fun to see what all of our girls are into and upto! I just love how Miah loves the outdoors like you two both do. God truly knew all along which baby would be perfect for your family. Clearly he handpicked Miah to be a Davis!

    Blessings to you as you move into another month home with your precious girl at home!

    The Rouse Family
    Jeff, Diana, Ainsley & Ruby Mei

  2. nobs Says:

    she is beautiful!!
    you two have not changed in all these years. it is good to see you, so glad for the addition to your family. it is a blast being a parent. so glad for you. the really cool thing about adoption…your heart has no idea you didn’t give birth, you just love, and will fight for it.. that is such a God Thing.

    we are great, on vacation, Bob still enjoying teaching and loves showing them His creation. Rufus is deaning and loves being apart of the girls lives, but next year she will be home day caring, she loves being a stay home mom.
    Dani is 16 in 10th, music is her life, sports and friends, walking with God is also important to her.
    Marianna, is in 6th grade, and loves sports and music, she can hardly wait till i open a daycare. To see her in love with God, just blesses us.
    will write again,
    Happy Sabbath,


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