July 20th, 2011

Last week I finished the mini quilt for Miah.  She’s quite happy with it.  Here’s the front with the binding,

And the back, same pattern, but larger.  For the record, I have been working on Ami’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt also.  (This crazy non-summer weather has given me more time indoors, though I really do need to tackle the weeds in the flower beds!)

I’ve reluctantly discovered that my “leisurely” (albeit sleepless) days of toddler parenting are over.  This summer has been busy with swimming lessons, ice skating lessons, and gymnastics, in addition to the regular speech, play dates, library, grandma’s, etc.  Now that Miah is nearly five, I realize this will be the new normal.

With Ami coming home last summer, we didn’t do a lot of these activities.  It gave her (and the rest of us) the home adjustment time she needed.  Plus, throughout the year, we had the two surgeries and recovery times to deal with, so we kept the extra curricular to a minimum.  She’s eager to participate now, but gets to stay the observer (most of the time) until she turns three and can be in classes without a parent.  Then our lives will get really busy!

Hot Weather, Cold(er) Weather

July 8th, 2011

We had some hot days this week.  So what do you do?  Play in the water!  The girls didn’t have any complaints.

Today ended up being windy and chilly.  So what do you do?  Work on a project in the bonus room while the girls play.  They haven’t played with the toys there for weeks, so no complaints today either!

I had planned to work on Ami’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt, but Miah (seeing all the fun new fabrics) has been begging me to make her a doll quilt (actually for her stuffed animals).

She had already chosen 36 of her favorite prints from the remnants of both her’s and Ami’s quilts.  We first cut 4″ squares, then (somewhat) randomly sewed them into 9 patch squares.  Mom has recently been working on a “Vanishing 9 Patch” quilt, so we elected to do the same.

We (meaning: I cut, Miah supervised my every move) cut each of those squares in half vertically,

then horizontally, to make new squares (now 5½” x 5½”).

Next we randomly laid out those 16 squares, arranged and sewed them into four rows, and then stitched the rows together.

Once we put the back and binding on, Miah’s stuffed sheep will have a quilt of her own.

Ami’s bear will soon be getting one, too.  I just wish her 100 Good wishes quilt would go together so quickly!

One Teardrop For Sale

May 30th, 2011

Yes, our little teardrop trailer is for sale.  Now that we are a family of four, we have grown out of it.

We have many happy memories in this, our second teardrop.  (The first, pre-Miah, was a bit smaller, like this one ↓ that Warren custom made for someone.)

But ours was even more custom.  This ↓ was in 2003, and worked well for just the two of us.

He fit our newer one with a bunk and rail, so Miah had her own little bed above our double bed.

It worked quite well in 2007…

And in 2008…

Yes, good memories.  But it’s time to expand.

You can see the sides have since been covered with aluminum to match the top.  (Like the one he made Paul and Kathryn ↓ last year.)

It’s quite functional.  The cupboards store our clothes,

And the kitchen in the back has a stove, room for the cooler, and other camping necessities.

Here it is in use a couple summers ago.

You can read more about it here ↓.

Oh, Warren did find a replacement for us.  (We’re not ready to go back to a tent.)

It’s not custom made, but Warren is currently customizing it to our needs.

The girls can’t wait to go camping!

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Still Plugging Along

March 23rd, 2011

We’re still here, but busy.  You can see that Ami is free of arm restraints … well, except when they wear them on their legs.  Fancy shin guards for future hockey players?  There’s never a dull moment…

Actually we are still putting them on her arms at night because she still has stitches in her mouth.  She’s gotten so used to the no-no’s now that it doesn’t even matter, but her hands do go in her mouth if we’re not watching.  Next week marks 6 weeks post surgery and Ami’s “all clear” to return to normal eating, etc.  Already this week she has been enjoying all the textures again of soft, well-cooked, but no longer puréed foods.  This was her palate last week.  ↓

And yesterday.  ↓  We’re getting there…

Mr. Bunny is back.  We’ve enjoyed watching him munching on the lawn a few mornings and evenings.  He obviously evaded the coyotes and owls over the winter.

I just finished the quilting for another one of Virginia’s beautiful quilts.  She’s 89 years old, and her sewing machine hasn’t slowed down yet!

Now that we’re having intermittent good weather along with the rainy weather, we’re starting to work/play outdoors more.  Mud (gravel) pie anyone?  As of today, the raised garden beds are weeded, fertilized, and ready to plant.  (Only peas and spinach at this point, as it’s still below freezing at night.)

We’re also finishing indoor projects (because who wants to be indoors when the weather turns nice!)  So, taxes are done, re-adoption papers are filed (Court date next week!), I’m on my next to last assignment for my online Continuing Ed. class (keeping up my teaching certification), and nearly all of Ami’s 100 Good Wishes Quilt squares are cut out and waiting to be assembled (still waiting on a few more that are supposedly coming from extended family members).  The past couple weeks have been productive (which feels really nice since I took about a month hiatus of everything to focus on my girls while Ami recovered)!

Post Op Day 3

October 8th, 2010


Ami has been much happier today.  Not that she hasn’t been happy all along, but we saw smiles and laughter today.


Although the bruising shows up more, you can see that much of the swelling has gone down.  From what we can tell, Dr. Tse did a wonderful job.  In addition to sewing her lip together, he did a nose revision.  He centered the septum and brought in the outside of her left nostril to make it symmetrical.  We go back next week to have the exterior sutures removed.  He said he uses this kind because the dissolvable stitches actually cause a bit of inflammation as they dissolve, which may increase scarring.  The stitches are incredibly tiny.  Those on the interior are dissolvable.  He will also remove the (stitched in) nasal stents.  These help the nose keep its shape as it heals.


Today we ventured out to the local Quilt Show.  Grandma entered two quilts this year, one being the Teddy Bear quilt she made for Ami.


It was very inspiring to see all the beautiful craftsmanship displayed.  Tonight I asked Miah which quilt was her favorite of all that we’d seen, and she replied, “Ami’s”.


After lunch Miah wanted to read to Ami before nap.  Ami ended up “reading” to Miah, too.