Four Years Old!!!!

October 21st, 2012

Ami, how is it that you are four already?!  What a big girl you are becoming!  Not in stature so much, but in every other way!  It doesn’t seem so long ago that your turned two …

And then three …

And now you are four.  You’ve waited for this birthday for so long, trying so hard to catch up with your jie jie.

But we like you just the way you are:  full of spunk, meeting the world head-on, and leaving a smile on the face of everyone you encounter.

We love you, Ami!  Happy Birthday!

A Wedding

September 28th, 2012

Congratulations, Rubén and Ashley!

Thank you for the extra special weekend in California.

It was a such an honor to be in your wedding.

We hope it was your Best Day Ever!

Welcome to the family, Ashley!

(Even though you’ve been Ami’s favorite cousin for nearly two years already.)

Birthday Celebrations

August 18th, 2012

It always seems that when there are happenings to write about and pictures to share, I don’t have the time to blog.  We had a great vacation.  We’ve been catching up after being gone.  And we’re getting all the enjoyment we can out of the last of summer.

Miah has had a couple birthday celebrations since the last post.  We had an impromptu celebration at the park before we left on vacation,

Then her requested party at Uncle Paul’s and Aunt Kathryn’s.

With some special cousins,

Some cake and presents,

(she enjoyed cutting her own cake)

And some pool time.

Or should I say “air time”.

Ami likes getting air time, too.

Then we had one more celebration with more family at Grandma’s.  Thank you, everyone, for being a special part of Miah’s life.

Look Who’s Six!

August 2nd, 2012

Happy Birthday, big girl!  It’s hard to believe we’ve already spent six birthdays with you.  You are an amazing girl, Miah, and such a blessing to our family.  We love you bunches!

Celebrating “Gotcha Ami”

July 25th, 2012

Just look at that smile!

Ami, you have grown and changed so much in the two years since we met you!

We’ll never forget that incredible day in Guangzhou when you became our long-awaited daughter and sister.

On that day, a special sisterly bond began,

And it just gets stronger as time passes.

Thank you for the blessings you bring to our family, sweet girl!