Embracing Autumn

November 9th, 2012

The weather is getting nippy, but oh, the colors are spectacular!

Although the girls ask daily when it is going to snow, they are still enjoying having all the leaves to play in.

It’s a good thing Grandma has big trees, because we don’t have that many leaves at our house!

We do have nightly visitors though.  Usually we just see their tracks, but this couple traipsed boldly by midday this week (our property is a thoroughfare between their home in the hills and the orchards/river they visit at night).

I imagine hunting season had something to do with their early visit.

At least I don’t have to worry about them eating my garden anymore, since harvest is done.

I practiced writing with a rake this week.

The girls made a big nest.

They were the chicks.

Peep, Peep!

There was also running, and jumping, and disappearing acts…

We’re still finding leaves.  In shoes.  In pockets…

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Just Swingin’

September 7th, 2012

The Davis School is back in session, but we’re still enjoying summer weather.

We’ve got the best Dad in the world!  Thanks for the awesome swing set.

A swing with a view!

This is where all recesses are now spent.

And we have several each day.

Look closely, and you may be able to guess what Miah wants for Christmas…

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The Ocean

August 27th, 2012

It was fun to go back to one of our favorite, non-touristed beaches.

We arrived at low tide and found some shells, some agates, and observed life in the tide pools.

But the girls’ favorite pastime

Was just playing in the water,

Watching the waves,

And splashing through them.


And again,

And again.

Chasing the last of summer.

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August 22nd, 2012

Our vacation started with an AWAA regional picnic.  It was good to reconnect with friends through our adoption agency, and to watch the kids play together.

Then after some extended family time and Miah’s birthday celebration,

It was off to the beach!

“No, Mom, it’s not cold!”

A little reading time in the camper before the day’s excursions.

We showed the girls our old stomping grounds,

Including the lighthouse and the octopus tree.

But their favorite stop was the Cheese Factory.

Mmm, mmm, good!!!

Stay tuned for more beach pictures…

Birthday Celebrations

August 18th, 2012

It always seems that when there are happenings to write about and pictures to share, I don’t have the time to blog.  We had a great vacation.  We’ve been catching up after being gone.  And we’re getting all the enjoyment we can out of the last of summer.

Miah has had a couple birthday celebrations since the last post.  We had an impromptu celebration at the park before we left on vacation,

Then her requested party at Uncle Paul’s and Aunt Kathryn’s.

With some special cousins,

Some cake and presents,

(she enjoyed cutting her own cake)

And some pool time.

Or should I say “air time”.

Ami likes getting air time, too.

Then we had one more celebration with more family at Grandma’s.  Thank you, everyone, for being a special part of Miah’s life.