A Somewhat Normal Week

March 5th, 2011

Ami seems back to normal now except for her restrictions (arm restraints and food/feeding).  Well, that, and sleeping through the night.  But it is much better.  She still has some stitches in her mouth, but it looks like some are also gone.  As far as we can tell, all is healing fine.  We’ll see what the doctor says in a few days.

After having time off from “normal”, the girls have really enjoyed playing together this week.

And being Mommy’s helpers in the kitchen.  (Although maybe that’s just torture for Ami, since she can’t sample what we’re making.)

But they do both really look forward to going to Grandma’s house.  You can imagine all the attention they get, being only two little ones, among several grown-ups.

We’ve had snow to enjoy, also.  Sometimes only in our view of the mountains, and sometimes falling down here, too.

Last Sunday, Miah and I got to go on a date with Grandma, Nancy, Tish, and Kaelan.  It was good for her and I to have some special time, considering all the attention Ami has been requiring lately.

It was a real treat to see such talent and grace up close (and in our own town!)

Miah was probably most impressed by the ladies’ sparkly outfits.  She did enjoy the skating also.  We all did.  Thanks, Mom!

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