Ami’s Progress

March 12th, 2011

It’s been 3 1/2 weeks since Ami’s palate surgery and I think we’ve weathered the experience pretty well.  In a few days, Ami will be able to discard the “no-no’s” (arm restraints).  She has adapted very well to using them, but we’re hoping that sleeping through the night (not that that has really ever happened) will resume once they come off.  [Imagine having straight boards for arms, and waking up whenever you try to roll over - especially since Ami used to be a stomach sleeper.]

On Monday the girls endured yet another drive over the mountains to Ami’s Post Op appointment.  Our day was spent 6 hours in the car, 1 hour waiting in the hospital room, and 10 minutes talking with the doctor.

But the doctor was pleased with Ami’s recovery.  Everything looks good so far, and we will see him again in 3 months.  There is still the possibility of a fistula developing, though it is not likely.  That is why she is still on puréed foods for a few more days, and soft foods for two more weeks after that.  So we will continue with Mommy feeding her, and watching to make sure no objects go in the mouth that might damage the still delicate new palate.  The doctor is also looking at the soft palate in the back of Ami’s mouth to see how that is healing.  I’m not sure how it’s supposed to look (and move), but that (and her adjustment to it) will also affect her speech, and play a big part in determining if she will need any type of soft palate revisions in the next few years.  Already we are hearing new sounds that she was unable to make before.  It is exciting to hear better articulation, though we have a long long way to go.  She will be starting speech therapy again soon.  We also immediately noticed more nasality in her voice.  It seems to have gotten better, now that she is healing, but I may just have gotten used to it.  This is very common, and one thing the SLP (speech language pathologist) works on.

Miah could be a speech therapist someday.  She already works with Ami on trying new sounds.  It’s great.

Another thing we’re anticipating as Ami continues to heal is the dissolvable stitches falling out.  They must feel terribly weird to her tongue.  The doctor said sometimes they stay in for quite a while.  Evidently that is to blame for the lingering bad breath.  We’re thankful to be beyond the worst of it (think about the dried blood, raw tissue, and packing material of the first few days), but we are looking forward to getting rid of the bad breath entirely.  It doesn’t help that teeth-brushing has been forbidden, (though I have done a little, very carefully.)  We just make sure her mouth is rinsed well with water after every meal or snack.  We have all been amazed at how she has taken this all in stride, not even complaining about her limited diet (questioning, yes, but not complaining).  Until yesterday.  She cried, for the first time, about wanting food she could not have.  I take this as an indication that her mouth must finally be feeling better for her.  She’s going to be so excited when I finally hand her a spoon and she’s permitted to feed herself again.

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  1. Bonnie Says:

    Your girls are so precious. I admire you for weathering the storms so well. Thank you for sharing.

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