Spring is Here

March 27th, 2011

We’ve enjoyed a few days of warmer temps and sunshine in the past week (between the clouds and rain).  And, while visiting friends last week, the girls discovered what fun “real” swings can be.  Thank you, Leila and Lottie for sharing your toys so nicely.  Isabelle, Miah still wants to “keep you forever.”

The girls also want to “keep” Rubén and Ashley, who were here for Spring Break.

It’s fun being the youngest cousins, and getting spoiled with lots of attention.  We hope you had a safe trip back to college,and that the quarter goes by quickly!

This week we took our first “hike” of the season, if 5 1/2 miles along the Riverfront Trail counts.  It was nice to have extra “carriers” along.  This spring I get the added exercise of 25#s on my back.  My legs were a bit sore the next couple days.

Miah found her first geocache of the season, but made Rubén retrieve it.  The attached spider was a little intimidating.

We enjoyed seeing these cormorants, and looking for other “signs of spring.”  Playing in the sand and throwing rocks in the water was definitely a highlight.

We’re looking forward to warmer weather and all the beauty that spring has to offer.

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  1. pauline davis Says:

    Miss you all so very much. Great to see the pictures. Wonderful to know spring is on the way. Will be home tomorrow night.

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