A Big Milestone!

May 4th, 2012

This week we passed a huge milestone!

Ami has now been a part of our family longer than she was in her orphanage.  Xue’er had been there for 21 months when she finally met and was adopted into her forever family!

She has now been Ami Davis for 21 months.  A lot has happened in her life in those 21 months!  This little girl has come so far.

I think of her surgeries, recoveries, and many doctor appointments, and learning to speak and be understood.  She already knew independence, survival, and persistence.

She has learned Love, Family, and Stability.

We are the privileged ones to be her family.  I’m so glad we answered God’s call.

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  1. Tisha Barber Says:

    We are all so blessed by her beauty and charm. Life would seem so empty without her and Miah.

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