Clinic Day

January 13th, 2013

This past week we took our annual drive to Children’s Hospital for Ami’s cleft team appointments.  Though we gave ourselves more than an hour extra travel time, we finally made it just 5 minutes late!  You can see why ↓.  After driving with very poor visibility over the first mountain pass, going 23 mph behind 3 snowplows over part of the second pass felt much safer!

We were thankful to make it home safely that evening after waiting for avalanche related closures to open back up on both this and the other route home!

This time around, Ami didn’t meet with her surgeon, just ENT, SLP, and audiology.

This, of course, requires wait time, but they actually do a great job scheduling the appointments one right after another.

Ami chose a book from the prize box after going through a minor “surgical procedure.”  Her T-tubes ↓ had worked themselves out of her eardrums, and were residing in her ear canals along with a fair amount of wax.  She has had them for about two years.  The ENT was hoping they would stay in another year or two, as her anatomy is still prone to ear infections.  Instead, she now has a small hole (left ear) and a large hole (right ear) in each eardrum which will continue to act as tubes.  They may or may not close on their own over time.

After that procedure, Ami passed her speech assessment with flying colors!  She has worked so diligently these past two years, and we are all thankful for her amazing progress.  The hearing testing in Audiology did not give us such great results, but we were comforted to learn that her minor hearing loss is temporary (while her eardrums are perforated), and it is in the low frequencies that are not crucial to speech development.  We will most likely continue to hear her frequent, “Huh?”  Our laugh for the day was when Ami was in the sound-proof room being fitted with special ear pieces and wires for the testing.  Her comment to the assistant:  ”I don’t want nobody to see me like this!”

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    So happy for you, Ami. Keep singing? Love you, Nana

  2. Sharon Says:

    So happy to hear about Ami’s progress. Thank you for sending your Christmas card. We didn’t get one out this year.
    We will have to talk soon. I want to find out who your surgeon is. While the one we have did a good job, he is VERY abrasive and no patient care manners!

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