The Year of the Snake

February 15th, 2013

Sunday we celebrated Chinese New Year with several local adoptive families.

This is our third year, and each year we have a larger turn out.

This year we had over 50 people in attendance with 11 families, including 15 kiddos adopted from China!

Miah and Ami are privileged to call them all friends.

We started out with wonderful food.

Followed by an interactive story,

Of which the kids were all eager listeners,

And participants.

Especially when it came time for the Red Envelopes!

There was opportunity to make crafts, including Snakes.

We got to meet our newest US Citizen!

And finally caught up with another, home almost a year now!

What a fun and blessed evening we all had!  Just think how much richer each of our families now are, and how much more vibrant our community.

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

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  1. Sharon Says:

    Wow, what a wonderful group to be apart of! All those children just look so beautiful togehter. Hoping to grow a group here on the west side of the mountain. I talked with America World this week because we are just shy of 1 year LID. I haven’t called before, but was starting to wonder should I start looking at other advocacy groups. Maybe we would find our daughter and if we did, could they get the file and continue our adoption through them. The good news is that they said we are in an optimal position of being matched soon and we should plan to be matched and go this year (she thinks could be very soon!) So, the Grimaldi’s are getting very excited about the appearance of little Miss Miah. Blessings

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